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My Life as a Reader


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Refection on Jewish Studies

In Hebrew, my favorite subject is parasha because 1. We got to learn more about the jews’ past. 2. In every parasha, there was a question about the parasha. A couple of kids and famous commentaries try to answer the … Continue reading

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Top 10 4th Grade Memories

Nahila from Martin J. Gottlieb Day School

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Sea Turtle Time!

Where are all the sea turtles going? Actually, the sea turtles aren’t going anywhere. The sea turtle population is decreasing. Many sea turtles are girls. Due to global warming the sand gets very hot. The temperature of the eggs affects … Continue reading

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אני רואה את עצמו כאילו יצאתי ממצרים

.בכל דור ודור חייב אדם ליראות את עצמו כאילו הוא יצא ממצרים In Hebrew, we read a story about five kids named Binah, Sharona, Nimrod, Sheer Hodiyah, and Dove  fall into a portal that takes them back in time when … Continue reading

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