Are Cats Better Weather Detectors Than People?

Are Cats Better Weather Detectors?

In the article I read, cats are really good at sensing when good or bad weather.
From what I read, when a cat is sneezing a lot, it means there is rain on the way. For example, if a cat is yawning for a long time, it means there is some foul weat coming. But cats can also sense when good weather is on the way. But in the
article, it didn’t say how though. People are surprised about this amazing news. Having a cat as a weather detector is amazing. Even meteorologists are amazed how cats have this ability. But nobody knows exactly how cats do this. Having a cat is very useful for weather help. But people still are finding out the answer to this problem: Are cats really smarter than meteorologists? It is a very tricky question to figure out.

The article was very suprising I didn’t belive what I was reading. It truly was suprising. How can we figure out if this article is true? Then check for bad weather coming your way. There might be a chance thang your cat will be behaving strangely. If you have a cat, good luck finding out the answer!

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Image credit: Jocelyn Kinghorn “Having a Sneeze”  November 20, 2013 via Flickr,cc BY-SA

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