Parashat bishalach

About two weeks ago, I was assined Parashat Bishalach. I’ll tell you a little about it.

Moses was leading the Isrealites into the desert when they came upon the Red Sea. Then, the Isrealites turned around and saw that the Egyptians were following them. ה׳  told Moses to hit the staff on the water. Moses did what he was told and hitted the water. The Red Sea splitted in half. Moses led the Isrealites through the gap in the Red Sea. When Moses and the Isrealites got across the Red Sea, Moses closed the Red Sea on the Egyptians and the Egyptians sank. After couldn’t be seen, Miriam and the girls sank a song and danced. The guys started singing. Everyone was singing thank you to ה׳.

While Moses and the Isrealites were walking in the desert, the Isrealites started complaining that they had no food. ה׳ made something called manna rain. The manna were these white balls that would taste exactly what the Isrealites wanted. The Isrealites saved and ate the manna. On Friday, the Isrealites got a double portion of manna because on Saturday, the Isrealites were not allowed to pick manna. Soon, the Isrealites were complaining that  they didn’t have  water. ה׳  told Moses to hit the rock. Moses hitted the rock and water spurted out of the rock. The Isrealites were happy and cheered.


At the end of the parashat, the Isrealites had a war. Every time Moses’ hands were up, the Isrealits would win. If he put his hands down, then the Isrealites would loose. Aaron and Miriam’s son Choor helped keep Moses’s arms up. My life connection to the parasha is don’t complain; be thankful for what you have. I chose that life connection because the Isrealites complained that they didn’t have food or water.

My activity was to make puppets and act out the Isrealites complaining. Here is a link to a video of my activity:Parashat Bishalach


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