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Are Cats Better Weather Detectors Than People?

Are Cats Better Weather Detectors? In the article I read, cats are really good at sensing when good or bad weather. From what I read, when a cat is sneezing a lot, it means there is rain on the way. … Continue reading

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תר וסר

In Hebrew, we learned about different kinds of trees. We read a book aliens named תר וסר who are looking for food because thier planet ran out of food. תר וסר look all around the world to find food. We … Continue reading

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Parashat bishalach

About two weeks ago, I was assined Parashat Bishalach. I’ll tell you a little about it. Moses was leading the Isrealites into the desert when they came upon the Red Sea. Then, the Isrealites turned around and saw that the … Continue reading

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