Marty McGuire digs for worms!!!

In class, we read a book called: Marty Mc. Guire digs for worms. It was a good book.
First thing you need to know is that Marty is a girl! Not a boy. I know. It’s a funny name for a girl. Anyways, to the story!

Well the story starts with Marty is going to the auditorium to see a visitor. When they got their, pricipal the made an anouncment that a woman called the Frog Lady was here. Then, the Frog Lady came to the front. She was carrying a glass box. She said “I am here to tell you something boys and girls. There are lots of endangered species in the world. I came here to show you some endangered species. They are called poison dart frogs. They live in Peru….. You and your class will be doing a project to save the Earth. Whoever gets the best answer will get a prize.Marty thought all that day what she would do to save the Earth. That night, Grandma  Barb came with dinner. While the family was eating, Marty’s friend Annie was going to help Marty with her project. First, Annie got the idea to make paper. They used Marty’s dad’s food processer to do it. But it just broke and Marty got in trouble. Then, the next day Marty told her grandmother about the project. “I think I got the answer to that”. Her grandmother said. She went into her backyard, lifted a lid from a wooden box, and Marty saw worms! The next day, Marty and Annie and another person went to the lunchroom and waited for Grandma Barb to come with the worms. Finally, she showed up. The kids and Grandma Barb worked on building  a wooden box for the worms to live in. Before recess is over, They finished the box. Then, they put the worms in. At lunch everybody wanted to feed the worms. Especially Jimmy. Jimmy got extra portion of green beans. After lunch was over, the kids got in line to feed the worms. But Grandma Barb said that a few people can feed them. Grandma said to Jimmy “You can feed half of those green beans to the little guys”. A hour later, Marty wanted to go check on the worms. So she asked Mrs. Oley if she can go to the gym/lunchroom and eamine. Mrs. Oley said “yes”. So Marty maid her way t0 the worms. When Marty got to the lunchroom/gym she saw the janitor. “Afternoon Marty”! he said. He was bald except for some hair puffs behind his ears. Marty looked in the box. She still saw hotdog crust, and Jimmy’s green beans. Marty said “Hey! I know i’m inpeciant and all but I’d really appreciate if you finish all those stuff by Friday”. A few days later, after lunch, Marty let everyone feed the worms. But that was a bad idea. The next day, when Marty and her class came to lunch, the whole lunchroom floor was covered in worms. So Marty and Annie picked up all the worms and ate their lunch.(Of course they washed their hands first).

How will worms save the Earth?

Find out in

Marty McGuire digs for worms!!!

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