Shavuot has came!

Shavuot has come! Shavuot is a jewish holiday when the jewish people got the Torah from Hashem. On Tuesday, to celebrate Shavuot, we got to wear white and bring baskets of food. I brought 9 fruits: 3 apples, 3 potatos, 2 carots, and 1 orange. The food is for people to eat or dinner. We didn’t need to wear our uniforms. We got to wear regular shirts and pants and whatever. I wore White from my headband to my sneakers. Shavuot is a awesome holiday for the jews! I wish Shavuot was every day! But, Shavuot is 1 day a year. That’s good.

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  1. avatar liatwalker says:

    גם אני אוהבת את חג השבועות

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