Read Read and Read!!!!!!

Reading is good for learning. It can help you improve in your grades. You can read for fun or if your bored, read!
Reading can be for fun, or for grades. When you read books, it sometimes inpires you to read. When you read, your teachers can asine you books to read as a group. Books can help you at book reports. I love to read chapter books and long ones! A lot of people love to read. Reading is fun! My teacher makes us do Book Reports every month on any book.  Books  are good for you.  You can have books that you love. My favorite books are The Boxcar Children. The Boxcar Children is about 4 kids who parents died and heard that thier grandfather James Henry Alden was mean, so they hid in a boxcar. Then James Alden found them and invited them into his house to live in and he brought the boxcar along so the kids were happy. The names of the 4 children are Henry, Jessie, Violet, and Benny. Remember. Read, Read, and Read!

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