Let’s make bulling extinct!

You know that bulling is common at school?
Well, many people around the world get bullied.
Maaybe everybody in the world has been bullied!
Besides, bulling means a person is in trouble or hurt. Bulling is unexeptible in school or wherever. It’s meanful and hurtful. So how can we stop bulling? Well, here are some tips.

  • If a person comes to you and you don’t do eanything, it will turn into bulling.
  • Some bullies bully you, because they are jelious of you.

Here are tips on how tto stop bulling.

  1. If a bully isbulling you just ignore them.
  2. If there is a teacher, tel the teacher if you or somebody else has been bullied.
  3. If a person is getting bullied, help defend that person.

Teachers, here are ways you can stop buling.

  • Gather your students and ask them if they have been bullied.
  • Make a bulling box where your students write there names and say if they or somebody else has been bullied.

Like I said, bulling is a problem. We need to stop it. Let’s make bulling extinct!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. avatar abigailf says:

    I agree I know many people who have been bullied.

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