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Marty McGuire digs for worms!!!

In class, we read a book called: Marty Mc. Guire digs for worms. It was a good book. First thing you need to know is that Marty is a girl! Not a boy. I know. It’s a funny name for … Continue reading

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Wet Noses from little Dogs!!!

Why do dogs have wet noses. At first, I never knew why dogs have wet noses. Probably because they rub their noses on the ground. Or maybe because they put their noses on the ground to get more senses. But, … Continue reading

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The Talent Show has come!

The Talent Show has came again! I love the Talent Show is when children show one of their talents from grades 2-8. You can be with a partner or you can be an individual. I’m in the talent show. I’m … Continue reading

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My Hebrew ebook

In Jewish Studies we wrote an ‘About Me’ Hebrew book.  It is also an ebook which you can download using an ipad or iphone. You can listen to me reading some of my ebook.   [Audio clip: view full post … Continue reading

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Shavuot has came!

Shavuot has come! Shavuot is a jewish holiday when the jewish people got the Torah from Hashem. On Tuesday, to celebrate Shavuot, we got to wear white and bring baskets of food. I brought 9 fruits: 3 apples, 3 potatos, … Continue reading

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Endangered Species

There are lots of different endangered species in the world. Tigers, Giant Pandas, some monkeys, Komodo Dragon, and more! Endangered mean “dieing out” which meanfading away from the world. We need to help endangered species, because they are in trouble of … Continue reading

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Read Read and Read!!!!!!

Reading is good for learning. It can help you improve in your grades. You can read for fun or if your bored, read! Reading can be for fun, or for grades. When you read books, it sometimes inpires you to … Continue reading

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הכנסת אורחים

In Jewish Studies we are learning Parashat ( Vayera) וירא which is in the Torah. אני למדתי מצוות הכנסת אורחים מאברהםה Here is an example of הכנסת אורחים: Sage comes over to my house. I say “Welcome to my house … Continue reading

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Let’s make bulling extinct!

You know that bulling is common at school? Well, many people around the world get bullied. Maaybe everybody in the world has been bullied! Besides, bulling means a person is in trouble or hurt. Bulling is unexeptible in school or … Continue reading

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How to make friends

It’s really simple on how to make friends. All you have to do is say is” Hi! my name is (your name) what is your name?” And then you say “Can we be friends?” Like I said it’s simple how … Continue reading

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