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Mystery Skype?

Today we had a mystery Skype yesterday! A mystery Skype is when we have to ask “yes” or”no” questions about those people’s occupation. If everybody went, next, we would guess the person. This is 3rd grade’s 3rd mystery Skype. Ha! … Continue reading

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Doing Country Stuff for Library?

We have been on the computers researching stuff about different countries. My country was on Venezuela. We got to pick our countries. When we find something that answers the problem on our country organizer we put it in. Next we … Continue reading

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We have read and finished the book VANISHED! It is about a girl named Neela who lost her veena. Neela lookes for the veena all over the place but, she didn’t. Her friend Matt volunteers to help to find the … Continue reading

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Seen an ambulance?!

Have you seen a ambulance? Of course you have. We have seen an ambulance that was abut to be driven to be shipped to Isreal. A ambulance is a car that is big. When someone is hurt the ambulance comes … Continue reading

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Who Loves to Learn?!

Does anyone love or like to learn? I do. You see, learning is part of life. You can’t run away from it. If you don’t learn, you wouldn’t ¬†know anything. When you grow up to be an adult you still … Continue reading

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About Me!

Hi! My name is Nahila. I’m 8 years old. My birthday is July 24, 2004. I am in 3rd grade. My teachers are Mr. Carpenter and Morah Liat. I have 2 brothers, and a dog named Savannah. (Of course I … Continue reading

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