I am A Stray Kitten

I need help!

Hi  others (possibly cats)!  My name is Cuddles and I am a stray kitten.

I was obviously born from a cat. I had a older sister and five older brothers. Yes, I am the youngest. I had no dad, and my brothers and sister teased me all the time. When I was four months old, my siblings and I were walking home from playing in a pond when we saw the pet control. We were strays and they saw us. I figured that was bad. They were running toward us. We scrambled and ran for our lives back home. My oldest brother put me on his back and I held tight. I tried so hard to fight the wind and the terrible odor from the pet control people. They seemed so big to me. Like giants trying to eat us. Though, they were trying to catch us. We ran and ran until the pet control just gave up and went back to their car.

Poor animals. It’s hard enough to survive in a forest all alone with only your family for company.

When my siblings and I got home from the run, we couldn’t find momma. then, I saw her outside, her stomach bleeding badly. I didn’t know how much time she had left. I cried for my brothers and sister.. They came and gasped. We saw a hook in her stomach. It looked really bad. Momma opened her eyes and said “Cuddles, lead your brothers and sister into a real beautiful world. Where everything is perfect.” Tears were streaming down hers and my eyes. “I love you momma,” was all I could say. But momma didn’t answer. Her time was up. Momma was the only one who didn’t teased or yell at me. I loved her the most. I cried and cried. I couldn’t stop all my high pitched whines. I was devastated. Like a car hit me. Like razors razored my fur. My siblings were cuddling me, but I couldn’t stop. I cried and whined and snorted, but after a long time of crying, I couldn’t cry anymore. Momma was dead, and that was that. That’s when we started a trek. A trek to a beautiful world where everything is perfect. Just like momma wanted. I got tired easily. I was young only four months. What could you expect? When I got tired, one of my siblings would put me on their back, and I would fall asleep. We trekked for many days, weeks even. Finally, we all collapsed. On a road in front of a snow white condo. A little girl came out of one of four doors. Her door was banana yellow. She had long, dark brown hair, hazel eyes, and was wearing a electric blue tanktop and a navy short skirt. She had white short socks, and black high top shoes. Two bigger people, like a mom and dad picked up my siblings and the girl picked me up. Her hands were warm and her breath smelled like fresh cinnamon. The people took us to a big building. Now I apparently knew what it said on the top. The sign said “Animal Shelter.” I was scared and I could tell that my siblings were too. When I entered, I heard so many different noises. barks, purrs and meows, even some chirping and squeaking. I was kind of scared from all the loud noises. The people set us on beds and the girl holding me gave me some milk in a bottle. When I tasted it, I tasted momma. Momma’s warm, sweet milk. I drank and drank until the bottle was empty. The warm milk made me all tired and sleepy and I went to bed.

When I woke up, I was in the girl’s arms, in some kind of vehicle. Where were my brothers and sisters? I was a little scared, but also curious. Where was I going? Would I be okay? I wondered this until the girl got out of the vehicle. She knocked on the door and a woman middle aged stepped out. The girl and the woman talked a lot and they both went inside. The area was small, but there was a fresh aroma of what smelled good. I was placed in the middle aged woman’s hands. I liked the house, but I would miss the girl. I whined softly for her and she waved and whispered “I’ll come back little kitten,” That made me feel good.

That afternoon, the girl came back. She talked to the woman for a little. The woman explained that I was still sleeping. Although I got up and ran to the girl. I rubbed against her shin. She picked me up and said “ I think I’ll name you Cuddles.” Cuddles. That’s how I got my name. I like to be cuddled. From that day on, the girl came over to play with me and talk to the woman. Life was good. I get fed every day, I see the girl I love to play with, and I have the middle aged woman to care for me. She got me a bed, a little kitty plushie, and even my own blanket. Although I never forgot about my brothers and sisters, and most importantly, momma. One day, the woman took me to her vehicle and drove. She parked at the same animal shelter that I went a couple days ago. Inside, I saw the girl. She waved at me and I meowed happily. The woman set me in a room with the girl. Inside were lots of beds and inside were other…. Cats! I ran around and I saw six familiar cats. My brothers and sisters! I ran to them and they meowed happily. The family was reunited. We played a game called hop-a-plop that we played when we were still in the forest. It’s where you hop and then, try to plop down on another cat. The cat who plops on another cat the most, wins. My oldest brother won since he is really good at aiming before jumping. We also played tag, leap-frog, and hide and go seek. We had so much fun, it was time to leave so soon. I said bye and ran to the girl just before the door closed. We went back to the condo and then the next day, the girl came to play. She was coming to stay the night. I was really happy. We played games, she told stories and I told meow tales. Finally, we went to bed. I snuggled against her warm chest went fell asleep.


The girl kept on coming back for 2 years until one day, she didn’t come. The woman took me outside and the girl came but she was crying. She hugged me and said “Cuddles, I’m moving away far, far away. I will always come visit you.” I licked her and purred. She gave me a few warm strokes and then said “Bye Cuddles,” and she  got into the vehicle and left. I was really sad. First, I lost my mom, my siblings are in a shelter and now, my favorite person is going away possibly forever not counting visits. I couldn’t hold it in. I cried. Like the way I cried when momma died right before my eyes. I cried and whined. I kept crying until the woman picked me up and dabbed my eyes. “ It’s okay Cuddles. It’s okay.” That’s when I stopped crying and leaned against the woman’s chest. It wasn’t the same. Not the same warmth, not the same cinammon breath, not the same small nice hands, and not the same person. That night, I made a wish. “Please let the girl come back a lot. I miss her come and rub me. I miss her coaxing words, I miss her kindness, I miss her love, I miss the way she called me, I miss her rocking me, I miss her.” After I made my wish I curled up in my bed as the woman tucked me in and said good night hoping I would see the person I cared about again really soon.


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Language Arts Reflection

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Ted Ed Talk

In Language Arts, we did Ted Ed talks . My Ted Ed talk was about visual learning. How teachers should include more pictures instead of words. This would improve all kids’ grades. Also, teachers should let kids doodle if they wanted to.

This is a video of my Ted Ed Talk:


“Visual Learning.” Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, 24 April 2015.  Web. 13 May 2015. 

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Scott Zimmerman (May his name for a blessing)😌

Scott Zimmerman (may his name for a blessing) was a very kind and generous man with a big sense of humor to make us all laugh. He was also a very cheerful man. Every time Scott passed by kids exiting class, he would give us all high fives. Scott was an amazing man who would prepare us for our bar or bat mitzvahs. He is an honorable man in the Martin J. Gottlieb Day School and should be in our society. I saw Scott Zimmerman every time I was in temple for Sabbath services, or even just in the hall at school. In one of the Amidah prayers in the Siddur (צדיקים) It says ברוך אתה ה׳, משען ומבטח לצדיקים. It talks about we need a role model and I believe that Scott Zimmerman was a role model for all of us in this community.

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Jewish Studies End of the year SLC

Reading Fluency

Since the beginning the year of 5th grade, I believe that I have improved in my Hebrew reading because I have learned new words and I practice reading words to expand my vocabulary. In the beginning of the year, I use to stutter on a lot of words and now, I barely stutter.

This is a video of me reading in the beginning of 5th grade:


A few times in this year, Morah Liat  gave us some tests to determine what words should be our spelling words. I got 100% on the tests. In the beginning of the year, I would’ve gotten about half the words wrong. Surprising, right? Well it’s true. If I didn’t learn these words with Morah Liat, I would’ve gotten half of them wrong. This year I have learned a lot with Morah Liat such as Hebrew words and their definitions, more discription about the ten plagues, new prayers, etc. Compared to the beginning of the year, my brain knows about 64% more about Hebrew culture, traditions, and prayers.


My artifact is one of my spelling tests to tell which words I need to work on. I passed all the tests, so I was able to pick my own words to do a spelling test. Like I said, I have been learning a lot this year. The year has been full of learning.

This is a picture of my artifact:image

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The Story of the Lost Boys of Sudan

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The Most Difficult Plague

In Jewish Studies, we learned about the first three plagues- Blood, Frogs, and Lice. For blood, Egyptians were not able  to drink water for seven days. Which is proven to be scientificly impossible. For Frogss, frogs were everywhere, terrorizing Egyptians. Rashi said that the frogs went into the Egyptians’ bodies which is definitely proven to be scientificly impossible. For lice, the Egyptians were attacked by little lice. Lice would make them itch when they bite. Which is proven not scientificly impossible.

I think the most difficult plague to handle was lice. I think it was Lice because the lice bit into their skin to fill up with blood. Too much blood loss would lead to death. Dum Dum Dum!


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The School for Good and Evil

In 5th grade, our class made book trailers using the computer app frames. My book trailer is about the book “The School for Good and Evil.” The School for Good and Evil is about two girls named Sophie and Agatha who live in the town of Gavaldon. Sophie is a girl who’s dream is to be the perfect princess. Agatha is just a regular girl who just wants to be with her friend Sophie.

The town of Gavaldon has less and less kids because a dark figure comes every 4 years and kidnapped two 12 year old kids. After a few years of the 2 lost kids’ kidnapping, those exact kids are in the fairy tale books. This has been happening for 200 years. Adults have been trying to protect their children from these attacks, but it’s no use for this figure.

Now Agatha and Sophie are being captured! Will they ever return to Gavaldon?

Watch my book trailer for some more! (There are no spoilers.)

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Pollution is a Big Problem!

Pollution is a big problem in the world. I mean big, huge, gigantic! Pollution causes bad and toxic smells which people inhale through their nostrils. Also, areas in the world were so pretty until people came in and replaced it with buildings so high and pipes down underground. I mean, some buildings are okay, but when it gets too out of hand, it’s definitely not okay. Places around the world are so polluted, that they are even polluting the ocean! The ocean is full of marine life, and we don’t even stop to think about the little things to appreciate. Like how we can do many things and have lots of wildlife. We should come up with solutions to stop pollutions. Here are some ideas:

  1. Recycle a lot
  2. Don’t throw trash on the ground
  3. If you see trash on the ground, pick it up
  4. Do not waste perfectly useful and good things
  5. Make a democracy to stop pollution!

You can come up with your own rules to prevent pollution. Pollution, you just crossed the line!

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The Cells

In Science, 5th grade made artworks of part of an animals’ and plants’ cell. With the help of the art teacher Mrs. Gutterman, we learned how to draw some of the parts and in Science class, we painted them. Some parts of the animal cells have some of the same parts of a plant cell such as the nucleus, cytoplasm, and the vacuole.

We learned that plant and animal cells have some similarities but also some differences. We also learned that all living organisms have millions of cells. Watch out living things! Cells are coming to get you!

These are mine:



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