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Annie Richards has been being very extra careful of absolutely anything that could be dangerous ever since her older brother, Jared, died a few months ago. That means no more bike races with her best friend Rebecca, and hot dogs on the 4th of July. Annie and Rebecca love adventures and it seems a new one is right around the corner when a new neighbor moves into the house across the street. They think the house is haunted so they sneak over to check it out. The new neighbor, Mrs. Finch, figures out their plan and as Rebecca runs back to her house, asks Annie inside for a cup of tea. Annie says that her parents are waiting for her but Mrs. Finch insists that she comes in. Annie discovers that Mrs. Finch doesn’t seem as boring and old as she thought and that just maybe Mrs. Finch can help Annie forget about the past and think about the present.

This was spectacular book and very intriguing.  I rate this book a 4 out of 5. I recommend this book for 10 years and up.

The only thing that Ted Gerson does in his free time is play video games.  When his great-uncle dies and gives him the “treasure” hidden in his old apartment, Ted meets it like another lever waiting to be beaten. Along the way Ted, with his other friends, Caleb and Isabel, discover that Great-Uncle Ted has set up his apartment like an escape-the-room game!

Using his gaming skills, along with the help of Caleb and Isabel, they set off to win the best game they have ever played. Together they find out that the “treasure” might actually be real gold and jewels! Every puzzle that Ted and his friends solve leads them closer to the treasure. But someone dangerous is right on their heels, and Ted has to fight the hardest he ever had to finish the game before the time runs out.


To find out if Ted reaches the treasure first, find this book at the library. I would rate this book a 4 – 5. I recommend it for ages 10 and up.

Sunflower Beringer hates that her mom suddenly decides that she needs time away from Sunny’s dad, Scott. That means taking Sunny and her sister to live in North Carolina with her grandmother. Sunny has to leave behind all her friends, her cat Stellaluna, and her dad. Sunny does whatever she can to get Mom to move back to New Jersey. She tries putting roses in the mailbox from her “secret admirer” who is supposed to be Scott.

One of her plans was to make a photo album of pictures of their family together, and on her search, she discovers a picture that changes her whole entire life. Sunny knew that Scott had a twin brother and she knew that he had died, but she didn’t know the rest of the story.

Meanwhile, Sunny’s grandmother owns Luxury Furs and Leathers, a store that sells fur coats and leather products. One of Sunny’s new friends, Lydia, is a vegan and does not believe in selling animals for their fur etc. Lydia and her mom create a protest which Sunny decides to join. Little does Lydia know that the owner of Luxury Furs and Leathers is Sunny’s grandmother.


This is an amazing book. I would give this book a 4 out of 5. I recommend it for 8 – 12 year olds.

What would you do if your grandfather told you stories about a magical circus?

Micah’s grandfather is dying.  His great-aunt comes to take care of him because he only lives with his grandfather since his parents died.  Micah’s great-aunt is very strict and doesn’t let him spend a lot of time with his grandfather.

Every once in a while, when Micah sneaks in to see his grandfather, he tells him stories.  The stories are about Circus Mirandus, a circus that Grandpa Ephraim had gone to when he was little.  Grandpa Ephraim’s stories are mostly about the Lightbender.  The Lightbender owes Grandpa Ephraim a miracle, and Micah hopes that he can save Grandpa Ephraim’s life.

Meanwhile at school, Micah and his partner, Jenny, have to make an ancient Egyptian artifact.  Micah’s great aunt kicked him out of the house because he sneaked into Grandpa Ephraim’s room.  Luckily, Micah has a tree house where he can stay.  Jenny came over to Micah’s house, and they worked on the artifact in the tree house.

Jenny insists on coming with Micah to find Circus Mirandus.  Micah finally gives in and lets Jenny tag along. Eventually they hear the music of the circus and then find it in a baseball field. The children walk up to the ticket booth and are asked for their ticket by the ticket taker. All Micah has to give him is the quipu he had made for his Egyptian artifact project. So Micah hands over the artifact. The ticket tacker studies it carefully and finally allows them to pass. . .

Does Grandpa Ephraim get his miracle? What will happen to Micah? Is the Lightbender everything Micah thought he was going to be?

To find out the rest of the story and the answers to these questions, pick up this book at the public library near you.  I would rate this book a 4 1/2 out of 5. I recommend it for ages 10 and up.

August “Auggie” Pullman has a very rare disease that happens when two certain identical genes mix together.  It causes his face to not look the same as most people.  August is starting in a public school for the first time after being home schooled for his whole life.  He is going into 5th grade.

August goes on a tour of the school with three other kids who are helping him by giving him a tour.  During the tour, one of the kids is really mean to him.  One of the other kids from the tour, Jack, is nice to him, and they become friends.  Later, August has trouble with the kids in school because they are mean to him, but he makes a friend at lunch named Summer.

During Halloween, Auggie and Jack were going to dress up as the same person, but at the last minute Auggie decided to change into something else.   Then Auggie overhears Jack saying mean things about him to somebody else.  Jack didn’t realize Auggie was there.  Auggie tells Summer and makes her promise not to tell anybody why he is mad at Jack.  One day, Jack goes up to Summer and asks why Auggie is mad at him, and all she says is, “bleeding scream” because that was the costume Auggie had been wearing.  Jack doesn’t realize right away what this means, so he is confused, but later on he remembers seeing somebody in a bleeding scream costume in the classroom.  For a long time, Auggie won’t talk to Jack because he is mad at him.

Do you think Auggie and Jack become friends again?

How do you think the rest of the school year goes?

Does Auggie stay in public school?

Will Auggie make more friends?

To find out the rest, find this book at the library!

Adina is the second oldest of the nine Rabinovitches’ children.  She is the oldest girl, and she is 15 years old.  Adina’s house has two front doors because it is actually two apartments in the same building.  Her parents live in one apartment, and the children live in the other.

Adina is told that she has to get married to someone who she has never met.  Adina and her mom are going to meet the family of Adina’s future husband, Mordechai.   The bride and groom aren’t supposed to meet until the day of the wedding because it one of their Jewish customs.  Meanwhile, all of Adina’s brothers and her father have met Mordechai.  When Adina goes to meet Mordechai’s family, they are inspecting her to she if she is a good fit for him.  They wanted to know if she can cook, what she looks like, and what her personality was like.

I would recommend this book for 9-years old and older.  It is a Jewish book, and it is appropriate and not very hard to read.  I would rate this book a 3.5 out of 5 stars.


A girl named Emily moves to a new middle school and is having trouble with a group of girls that she calls “The Daisies.”  She comes across someone who works for a movie star and hires her to make her more popular at school.  Her plan works, and The Daisies are jealous of her, but…

Will Emily stay popular?

Will Emily remember what she used to be like?

Is Emily totally different?

What happens to The Daisies?

To find out the answers to all of these questions, go to the library and check out this book!

  1.  Where did Ruth move from?  a) Florida  b) Cuba  c) Paris  d) Washington, DC
  2.  Who is Ruth’s friend in the “dumb” class?  a) Fernando  b) Philipe  c) Ramu  d) Akir
  3.  What was the doctor’s name who took care of Ruth?  a) Dr. Friendlich  b) Dr. Green  c) Dr. Martinez  d) Dr. Williams
  4.  What were the names of the two men who carried the stretcher from the hospital to the house?  a) Richard and Clay  b) Bobbie and Allen  c) Chris and John  d) Clay and Bobbie
  5.  What word did Ruth spell to get promoted to the “smart” class?  a) commiserate  b) quietly  c) souvenir  d) calculation
  6.  What was the game that Ruth played with her friends outside?  a) tag  b) four square  c) hopscotch  d) hide and seek
  7.  Why did Chicho go back to Mexico?  a) he missed home  b) his father died  c) he couldn’t pay his rent anymore  d) he did not like America
  8.  How long was the minimum time Ruth had to be in a body cast?  a) 4 months  b) 8 months  c) 12 months  d) 6 months
  9.  What did Chicho fill his apartment with?  a) stuffed animals  b) pinatas  c) books  d) pictures
  10.  What two things did Ruth want to be when she grew up?  a) a doctor and a writer  b) an artist and a writer  c) an artist and a doctor  d) a veterinarian and a singer


When an old lady offers to grant you a wish, what would you say? Well, eight-grader, Wilma Sturtz wishes to be the most popular kid at her middle school, Claverford. Wilma’s two best friends moved away, and now she feels as if she does not exist. After her wish, Wilma went back to school on Monday, and everyone wanted to talk to her and be her friend. She was popular! All of a sudden, Wilma has 40 dates to the Grad Night Dance and someone is secretly writing her poetry.  But then one day, she discovers that her popularity may not last as long as she wants.

What will happen to Wilma when she is not popular anymore? Will her friends that she was friends with before still want to be her friends? Will her secret admirer still like her? Will the old lady grant her another wish? You can find out by reading this fantastic book.

I would rate this book a 4.5 out of 5 stars. I recommend this book for ages 10 and up.

In school we created a signature event. Our topic was the founding fathers and mothers of Israel and America. I was the only one who got a founding mother. Her name is Golda Meir/Meyerson. I wrote a informational essay on her and and then made it into a video with pictures of her and her life. Have a fantastic time watching !


In art we created a portrait of our assigned person using monochromatic painting – tints and shades