Marmosets Around


I  researched  on  the marmoset and  made a book. I researched in books and database and websites. I took notes in my organizer,  I went on Google Earth to take a picture of South America where the rainforest is . I also went on Popplet to make a diagram of the marmoset. I got a photo of the marmoset  on photosforclass .com. I went on the Book Creator App to make a book. On the app I added a table of contents, a list of sources, made sure I  had headings,  and  drew pictures. I feel like I did a good  job but I also think I would have thought to make  more and better pictures. I would also do a better  job at  taking some more time. I felt like  I did a good job at spelling and I also felt good about  my recording but I wish it was a little more quiet in the background.

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