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     In the book Prisoner B-3087 by Alan Gratz, the main character is Yanek. Yanek is a Jew in 1940’s Poland. He goes through multiple concentration camps. He also loses his family and people he loves. I can’t imagine going through that. I think Birkenau  was the worst camp he went to.


    The first thing Yanek went through was being shoved into a gas chamber. Helpless, Yanek curled up on the floor. The other prisoners were banging on the door screaming uncontrollably.

He finally got up after five minutes of waiting  and yelled loudly at the Nazi’s to “kill us already!” Out came water and everyone danced. I think the gas chamber was scary, I would have banged on the doors too.


      The second horrible thing Yanek had to endure at Birkenau was getting a tattoo. When Yanek was in line, he heard men screaming.Yanek didn’t know what was going on until he got to the front of the line. He saw men screaming and needles. I can’t bear people in pain, so would have looked away.


     The last  horrible thing Yanek had to go through at Birkenau was the work. He had to move heavy back breaking rocks from one side of the yard to the other over and over again. That is torture, I wouldn’t be able to bear work like that.


During Yanek’s time at Birkenau and while he was a prisoner at war. I think of all the trials Yanek went through in Birkenau which included the following: being terrified in a gas chamber, getting a tattoo,and being forced to work. The incident in the gas chamber was actually the worst. I think it is great that in the end Yanek survived.

Hi  I am Julia my friends call me Jewel. Let me tell you about my unlucky life. It all started when my Mom gave me some earth shattering news. Let me tell you what happened.


“Julia I mean, Jewel come downstairs I need to tell you something!” my mom called.

“Coming mom,” I said as I jumped down the stairs.

“You might want to sit down for this, want a cookie?”

“Sure,” I said in a cheerful voice.

“Honey, we are moving”

“OK” I said in unimportant tone.

“No honey, to Manhattan”  I almost choked on my cookie “ WHAT THERE WITH THE… the… NOISE CAN YOU EVEN SLEEP THERE IT’S ALWAYS BEEEEEEEEP BEEEEEEEEP!” I yelled.

“Honey, calm down”



FINALLY we arrive in Manhattan. I don’t know why they call Manhattan the Big Apple because there weren’’t any apples just, well, buildings! Tall buildings. They reminded me of rockets. I waited for one to take off.


It turns out the apartment  is a TEN, YES TEN bedroom apartment that people live in!!! My mom got two rooms!!!! My room was big, (Good thing too, I have tons of stuff). There were bins and pillows and a bed. Plus a window seat! In light blue! ‘’So far so good.’’ I mumbled. Then my mom said I am going toooo… (Drum roll please……………) LAKESIDE SCHOOL OF ARTS. YAY!!!


Ten days later I was all dressed and ready to go! I got my locker number and stuff. Then at my locker a girl said “HI! I am Lizzy! Are you new? I have never seen you.”

I answered, “Yes, I am new here. I am Julia!”

 I looked at my planner and left her there. “First class, Animai. Yay…” I thought. We were learning how to draw animai people and I turned mine in and got a A+ YAY! “Next, um. What! Backgrounds..” I mumbled. On my way, I was tripped. I don’t know who did it, but all my books soared through the air like birds. Then, Lizzy came to help me. I thanked her for her help and walked to backgrounds.


My teacher Mr. Micane was mean. He said if one mountain was out of place he would give us a F-!!!!!! I mean, who does that!! Come on! So, I got a surprising C+! Almost everyone came and told me, “Oh wow teach me how to do that! It is so hard to impress Mr. Micane! How did you do it?” But there was one girl who stood with a sour look on her face who didn’t say anything not even “oh what a nice grade!” I was astonished! I walked away from the crowd (that followed me) and asked her what her grade was.

“C- now go away you smell like a rat,” she said in a snobby tone.


But I didn’t go away. I then asked her, “What is your name?”

She then answered in a way I don’t know how to describe, “I SAID GO AWAY YOU SMELL LIKE A DEAD RAT OFF THE STREET!”

I then did what I never ever thought I would do. “WHY ARE YOU SO RUDE?  JUST TELL ME YOUR NAME!” She flew into a rage and then left. So then I went to go get my math (uhhhhhhh ggg) books and surprisingly my teacher Mrs. Raitt is so nice instead of a problem, math bingo! Awesome right!


Then came the best part of the day LUNCH YAYA!!!!!!!!! So I was alone then I heard a voice it said, “May I sit with you Julia?”

I turned. “Sure Lizzy,”  I answered.

“Well thanks Julia.  No one ever sits with me.”

She sat and then we started chatting. I don’t remember what we were talking about, but it was fun to have a friend! “RING” went the bell like a sign of slavery. “Sigh, bye Lizzy I must go to P.E.”  

At P.E the girl was there again. “Look it’s rat girl hahahahaha,” she snickered.

“Hehehehehehe,” her friends giggled.


I turn there she was Coach Dubendorfer. “Whoah,” I whispered.

“DON’T WOAH AT ME JULIA SIDNEY LIAL!” she yelled like a microphone.


“Hahahahah!  Look, rat girl isn’t in shape,”snickered the girl again.

“VIOLET, 250 FOR TALKING,.DOWN NOW!” Dubendorfer roared again. Finally, her name.  Wonder what her grades are,I thought. “HAHA” laughed the class. Then I found myself sitting with my hand stroking my chin. “RING” went the bell but this time like a sign of freedom because it meant school was over.


I was walking down the subway steps when suddenly I was tripped by some guy’s guitar case. I fell! My left arm started so hurt badly. I fought the pain and reached for my phone to dial 911 to call an ambulance. When the ambulance came, I was lifted and taken away to who knows where. My mom rushed to the hospital right away. Then I got a cast. The next day I got teased more than ever. Then like magic, Lizzy was at my side fighting back for me. That was the day I realized you need no better then a friend to trust. Plus buildings don’t fly into space.





I don’t know why I like summer maybe it’s the breeze or the waves at the beach, but whatever it is summer is my favorite season. Some of my favorite thing to do in summer are going to the beach and going to the park and my birthday is in July.

In Summer the breeze is like a cool soft blanket on my skin. It makes me feel good inside and the ocean like a cold slushy on my toes, and the sand like a warm fire beneath my feet.

The park like a jungle of freedom it feels like I can do as I wish. Like a monkey! I’m like a monkey because I can climb anywhere! From the top of the jungle gym to swinging high on the swings!

The excitement in the air during my birthday. I feel like a special thing like the sun or moon. I feel like i am the sun (soul real name of the sun) and my friends and family are the planets.

The fireworks like an amazing piece of art in the sky on the fourth of July. I feel warm like the fireworks are inside me. Like a warm fire and the colors are like jewels in my eyes!            

I feel free from the boring days of school ( no offence Mrs. Raitt).


Hi, I am Olive. I am in 5th grade. Here is a story of the first day of school: “Here I am” I thought “Finally!” I walked into class all my friends were there! They motioned me over to an empty seat next to them. We have desks, but there is no place in our desks to put our stuff. So we have middle school sized lockers. I am mature, calm, kind and peaceful.
I would give money to a poor person. It’s just who I am.

My teacher is very nice her name is Mrs. Telamaner. I was so excited about being in the 5th grade, “The head of the elementary school”. In every class it was rules, rules, rules! I know ALL the rules already! They are wasting my time! I came here to learn not to sit here and listen to rules! Finely it was the end of the day I got through it without exploding. Ok well,I have to go so
The End


Hi, my name is Maya. I am nine years old. I like cats. I have two cats.  My school is called the Martin J. Gottlieb Day School. I really like the Martin J. Gottlieb Day School, it’s fun but we work hard.  I am Jewish so I learn Hebrew. I think it is fun to learn Hebrew. My school is more than fifty years old.  I have been going to the Martin J. Gottlieb Day School  for as long as I can remember. At Martin J. Gottlieb Day School we have a preschool, an elementary school, and a middle school. The  Martin J. Gottlieb Day School has a synagogue in the middle of the building. A synagogue is a prayer house.  


I think the best resource is Art. But we have a lot of resources. Here are some. Art, P.E, Science, and Library. I like Art because I like all the things you can do with colors. You can make a rainbow and just scribble all over and a lot of other things too! There are just so many things you can do with colors.


We have a Knesset which is our student council. We have a school store to raise money for events. We have a lot of events a the Martin J. Gottlieb Day School. Knesset raises a lot of money for events like Dreams Come True. Dreams Come True helps kids  who don’t have a lot of money  to go to stuff like Disney and raise money so they can.

    My favorite activity is ice skating. I enjoy ice skating because I feel free,  ice skating  takes away my stress, and last but least it is fun.  


There is so much space on an ice rink to twirl and spin. An ice rink has a large amount of space to make an obstacle course in my head. I make an obstacle course in my head every   time I go skating. Every I go skating my mind focuses on the ice rink and my feet moving, it  becomes a physical workout.

I am always tired after skating, and then then when I go home, I  get a lot of sleep. I dream of being a great skater.

I like dressing in warm clothes when I ice skate. I love to pick up ice shavings and throw them at my sister (even though it is bad) and she throws shavings back at me. I always have a great time ice skating!


It was a regular afternoon during P.E. and it was hot outside. Fourth grade was outside on the big, green, grassy soccer field playing Capture the Flag. In Capture the Flag you try to  get the flag in a box that is on the other team’s side, at the opposite end of the field. Each player  has a flag on a belt tied around their waist. The only way to get someone out is to pull their flag if they are on your side of the field. When someone pulls your flag you are out of the game for two minutes. If someone on the other team makes it to their side with the flag that person’s team wins.

I was just standing there on the field looking around. Then, all of a sudden, Jett, who is one of the best players at everything, ran past me. I ran after him and I got closer, and closer, and then, I pulled Jett’s flag! I was extremely excited that I finally pulled Jett’s flag! Jett one of the hardest people to get out and I got him out! He is hard to get out because he is one of the fastest kids in my class. I, Maya, was the one who got Jett out! Then  the fairy of sports came out of nowhere and said ” good job Maya” and gave me a medal. I won the game!    

GeoLiteracy Map Skills

I made a map of Tennessee in library. In my map I had a legend. (That is the thing that tells you what each picture stands for.)

First, I researched everything I needed to know. Then I used a program called Wixie to make the map.

I really want to change the color of the text because it doesn’t stand out to me. It was fun, you should make a map.        

   I enjoyed my SLC because I  finally  got to show my work to my parents. I felt ready to show it because I told myself I can do it. I tried my best because I wanted to do my best. For my Spring SLC I will make a Social Studies Haiku Deck. Nothing was difficult for me. I don’t think my parents learned anything new about me as a learner.


It was a normal day, nothing to do. I remembered to say hi to my mom. I went into her room, and I saw a phone on her dresser. How was I supposed to know it was mine! I said how much I liked the case. She said it would be mine if I finished  everything on time. So I did. Finally the time came! I got my phone and I played on it until bedtime.