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In the ten commandments it says honer your Mother and Father. Mothers day honors you mother. Fathers day honors your father it follows the Ten Commandments. These commandments are gods words.

I think its important for all religions to spend time together. It gives us a sense of the other religion. Maybe this could stop hatred and war. But this isnt the case. “אַל תִּפְרֹשׁ מִן הַצִּבּוּר – Do not separate yourself from the community” that is what everyone should do, be a part of your community and make sure to make friends with other religions.  You might learn something.

The quote “Shoot for the moon, if you miss you will hit the stars” to me means: “Try your best if you fail you will have another chance to do good.” This means that you will achieve something in the future if you miss today. That is important you will always have another chance. So take that and make it count.

Last week we planted in a garden for people who cant afford fresh foods.  I loved doing the planting the garden was so beautiful. This quote Isaiah:“To share our bread with the hungry,
and to bring to the homeless, shelter;
to clothe the naked,
and to refuse to turn aside at human injustice.”  Relates to the gardening because we got to feed those who cant afford to feed themselves. I am so glad we could help out in that community.

This week in math we have been reviewing all the chapters for our end of the year test. We have gotten trough 1,2,3,4,5, and 6. We have been doing one at school and one at home. I am exited to do this test.

We have reached chapter ten in math! This chapter is our last chapter and after we are going to start coding and other stuff like that.     This week we learned about graphing functions. First you make a table with four sections across and five down. In the top you will put X and 16x+6 and Y and (X,Y) then under Y put 1,2,3,4. after fill the X in the problem with that number solve then you have Y Use the numbers to make (1,22) and your done!

In Big Miracle a reporter is video tapping a child on a motor bike in Alaska when he finds three whales stuck in ice. He decides to do a report on them. Afterward the report goes viral and people are so worried about the whales.  They get named Whilma, Bambam, and Fred so many reporters come out to Alaska to do reports on the whales. A few days in everyone decides to create a path to the ocean for the whales. To find out what happens watch Big Miracle. 

This is Tzar Ba’aley Chaim – צער בעלי חיים.  Tzar Ba’aley Chaim – צער בעלי חיים’s rules are that the benifit of the human has to outweigh the suffering of the animal. For example you need a pigs organ to save your grandfather, what are you going to? Let him die, OR kill the pig? This story relates to Tzar Ba’aley Chaim – צער בעלי חיים  because they didnt kill the whales and instead saved them

In the next few weeks I.T.B.S tests will be happening. So in math we have been reviewing. First we did a packet and it was easy. Then we did a crash course. Today we checked the packet. Next week we will continue our reviewing.