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When your an adult you normally want to start dieting. Well Carbs are very important because they give you short term energy and yes having a lot of carbs is bad. Lets say you are running a marathon tomorrow you, need carbs so you eat pasta for dinner and toast for breakfast. So yes having to many carbs is bad but if you have just the right amount your good.

A microscope changes the way we see things resulting in finding out new about bacteria like finding a cure for the flu. I really think that is importent for the world and that the microscope is very importent.

I created a animal in science. I call it the Birdacorn.  It is a multi-cellular animal and walks and flies. It eats with its mouth and gets rid of its waste through its mouth. It starts out  0.3048 meters tall and gets to be 1.524 meters and weighs 226.796 kilograms.  It has two stages 1: baby  2: adult. My animal  eats grass and drinks soda, its asexual so parts of the birdacorn come off and become baby’s.  You can find this creature in the plains when it is cold with it’s herd.

In science we have been learning about plants. We have been using a app called wixe. Here are some pics. image3image1image2image4