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A Righteous Gentile is a non Jew who has saved a Jew from being killed by the Nazi’s.  I have a story of a Righteous Gentile her name is Marianna Kopyt. A girls mother and grandmother were taken from their home ghetto to a different ghetto. All that was left for her was her father, her father took her to a family friend who was christian. The friends name was Marianna Kopyt. She kept them safe until the war was over. Without Righteous Gentiles there would be less Jews in this world. These people saved future generations and helped the Jewish community grow. They are lifesavers.

I wrote a report on Henry Flagler. I did a lot of research. I gathered the research and made a report. then I made a script for our ” wax museum” .  I made a prop it was a hotel made out of cardboard. I worked really hard on my project.





I learned about regions in Social Studies. I took some notes and made a Prezi on regions. I really worked hard on this project and I hope you enjoy it! Regions Around Us

GeoLiteracy Map Skills

I made a map of Tennessee in library. In my map I had a legend. (That is the thing that tells you what each picture stands for.)

First, I researched everything I needed to know. Then I used a program called Wixie to make the map.

I really want to change the color of the text because it doesn’t stand out to me. It was fun, you should make a map.