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On Monday we reviewed for a quiz. Then on Tuesday  we took a quiz, I didnt finish it yet. On Wednesday we did more review. I am exited for what lies ahead in my math classroom! I am also excited about my last test.

In math this week we learned about intergurs. An intergur is when you take a number line up to 5 and you make sure that there is a negative side. Then  you take an negative number and take away the negative sign. It was really easy for me and i aced the test on it. Also the way Mrs.Resnick taught it to us made it easy.

This week in math we had a test. Due to this test we had reviews all week. I think that this test was fairly easy. I turned it in and got myself  a A. 

In math a normal is when a graph is symmetrical.  When its a box and whisker plot you can tell by the median being in the middle of the box.  When its a skerw graph its not symmetrical. I have no idea why there is the normal when you can always do skerw.  It makes no sense.

In math on wednesday we learned half moons. I have made a picture to show you how to do a half moon. so basicly a half moon is supposed to help you convert a mixed fraction into a improper fraction. That is what i learned in math this week.

Today in class we learned how to divide decimals. To divide a decimal you need  to fist have a problem like 45.0 divided by 9.0 you firs set up a long division problem. Then you would  take the decimal from your outside number and move it to the back of the number. Then you do the same but the same amount of numbers to the other  decimal. From there move the decimal up.  then solveas a regular problem!

In math today we learned how to divide decimals with whole number  this is sitxth grade math at my school.  With decimals its diffrent a decimal is not a whole number here is a decimal 45.889, the dot is the decimal.  When you do this proedure in math you just move the decimal up to the “ledge”  and you forget the other one. Thats how you divide a decimal by a whole number