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I made a moving Hanukkah card! I went on to Tynker and followed instructions given by my Teacher. I was surprised that the Hanukkahia didn’t go down (literally) as planned. But the dragon did blow fire!  I made a family where the dad and kid danced and the mom laughed and a dragon lit the menorah. I had a lot of fun!

Press play.
After fire is gone, press space.

Copy of Maya green flag right arrow and left arrow make the car go faster press the up arrow make the car go slower press the down arrow

This is my racing game.  I like that you can make the car go any where because it can be called the free racing game.

The hardest part was making the car go because there is so much things you have to do to make the car go. If I had more time I would make a house on the side of the track.

1. click the green flag on m once on a once on y once on the second a once on girl once

I made this on a website called Scratch. I animated my name. I really liked the girl sprite. Her name is Maya! I think finding the background was the hardest part. If I had more time I would add a hamster.

GeoLiteracy Map Skills

I made a map of Tennessee in library. In my map I had a legend. (That is the thing that tells you what each picture stands for.)

First, I researched everything I needed to know. Then I used a program called Wixie to make the map.

I really want to change the color of the text because it doesn’t stand out to me. It was fun, you should make a map.        

GeoLiteracy Map Skills

MayaCreated using Haiku Deck for iPad. Image by Ian Sane CC.