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A Righteous Gentile is a non Jew who has saved a Jew from being killed by the Nazi’s.  I have a story of a Righteous Gentile her name is Marianna Kopyt. A girls mother and grandmother were taken from their home ghetto to a different ghetto. All that was left for her was her father, her father took her to a family friend who was christian. The friends name was Marianna Kopyt. She kept them safe until the war was over. Without Righteous Gentiles there would be less Jews in this world. These people saved future generations and helped the Jewish community grow. They are lifesavers.

  1. In Jewish studies class we have been learning about the ten plagues. The one we have been working on is blood. This is when God tells Moshe to warn Pharaoh that if he does  not let the Jews go  all they’re water will turn to blood. Moshe will not harm the Nile because it saved him when he was a baby. Therefore Aharon turns the Nile to blood. I thought that it lasted a year but it really lasted a week.    Pharaoh would not let them go.  I think that God started with this plague because he wanted to go from less harmful to more harmful.

imageI want to get better at knowing what Trope makes what sound. I will achieve this by studying more. I also want to stop drifting off in class. I will achieve this by keeping my eyes on what I am doing.

This year my Parasha was Lech-Lecha. I focused on all the good deeds Avraham did for Lot. He was very kind to Lot and I think that all people should be like Avraham. That is why I am going to start doing good deeds every day.  Avraham did everything God said so my life lessen is to live God’s way of peace and loving kindness.  My activity was a scavenger hunt because Lech Lecha means going place to place.


In art we learned how to create 3/4 portraits. During the holiday sukkot  we invite guests to the sukkah. They are called ushpizin. I choose Shimon peres because he was a very important person in Israel.


My Parsha was about how the Jews built the synigog and how they disign the lead rabi’s cholths. My activity was all the reast of the kids had to draw cloths and then they had to present them. In english this is what my Parsa was: Moses made the Cohen’s clothes. Moses also checked if every thing was as G/d said. When everything was checked and everything was as God said a cloud rose over the synagogue. When the cloud lifted and moved the Jews would follow it and at night it would turn in to a pillar of fire. When the cloud rested the Jews would set up camp and stayed there till the cloud moved again.    

My life lesson is to follow G-D and always do what G-D commands.

                                                                                                                            חזק חזק וניחזק    

Strong, strong, and let us be


In torah we made a picture on the chapter that Moses was put in the Nile and we all chose a time to make a picture of the time that we wanted to make a picture on. Mine was of Moses’s mom putting him in the Nile. Here is my picture image1-3I made in Jewish Interactive. The chapter was chapter 2 (in book five) verse 5.



I made a project on a problem in the Purim story. I did it on the queen that got kicked out of the castle because she didn’t go to the king’s party. I had a lot of ideas but I finally chose one that made it perfect. I went over and over my script to make sure I did it right. Then I recorded my pictures that I got on Wixie and recorded it on Chatterpix Kids. In the end she didn’t attend.

In class we read a book on five kids who go back in time to the first Passover in Egypt.

Then we made our own.

Mine was that I didn’t know the Passover story and then a tornado took me back in time to the slaves and I listened to them.
Then the tornado came again and took me to the first Passover.

I listened to the asking the mom why they were leaving Egypt.

Then the tornado ( which I named Rainbow the tornado) came back and it took me back home.

Finally I said “ I know it! I know the Passover story”.

This is a skit that Talia, Elliana, Masha, and I made based on a book read for Tobeshvat in class called Tar and Sar. But this time insted of going to Earth to find all the fruits and the tree of life they just came for apples. I am Tar and Talia is Sar Elliana is Sally and Masha is Sally’s mom. We had a teacher tape when we where all in the skit at the same time.Ihad a lot of fun making this skit. The skit was hard because we had to do it over and  over until we got it right. I think it came out pretty good. I hope you enjoy the skit!