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     In the book Prisoner B-3087 by Alan Gratz, the main character is Yanek. Yanek is a Jew in 1940’s Poland. He goes through multiple concentration camps. He also loses his family and people he loves. I can’t imagine going through that. I think Birkenau  was the worst camp he went to.


    The first thing Yanek went through was being shoved into a gas chamber. Helpless, Yanek curled up on the floor. The other prisoners were banging on the door screaming uncontrollably.

He finally got up after five minutes of waiting  and yelled loudly at the Nazi’s to “kill us already!” Out came water and everyone danced. I think the gas chamber was scary, I would have banged on the doors too.


      The second horrible thing Yanek had to endure at Birkenau was getting a tattoo. When Yanek was in line, he heard men screaming.Yanek didn’t know what was going on until he got to the front of the line. He saw men screaming and needles. I can’t bear people in pain, so would have looked away.


     The last  horrible thing Yanek had to go through at Birkenau was the work. He had to move heavy back breaking rocks from one side of the yard to the other over and over again. That is torture, I wouldn’t be able to bear work like that.


During Yanek’s time at Birkenau and while he was a prisoner at war. I think of all the trials Yanek went through in Birkenau which included the following: being terrified in a gas chamber, getting a tattoo,and being forced to work. The incident in the gas chamber was actually the worst. I think it is great that in the end Yanek survived.

We have finished our book The Night Of The Burning by Linda Press Wulf. I have made a different ending, you can read it down below


I am starting from “This Is My Home”.   


“DEVORAH!” yelled Mrs.Kagan from the living room, “COME, LET ME TEACH YOU HOW TO KNIT!”

I walked into the room and sat down. Mrs.Kagan handed me some knitting needles; I took them into my hands. They were shiny and silver, and I could see my reflection. As I took the needles, I whispered, “Mama don’t be mad”. Then with my shaky hand, I grabbed a soft ball. It felt like the kitten from the farm, soft and warm. Soon I was knitting a small blanket.


“It takes time Devorah,” said Mrs.Kagan in soft tone.

I hesitated ,“O-ok Mrs.Kagan”. Soon a family walked in.

“Ah you must be here for the pictures” said Mr.Kagan. He started coughing “HACK” his cough was strong. I stared at him.

“Excuse my cough”. Then he led the family into the dark room. Soon after he left I went to my room.

“Excuse me but I’m tired” I said “Ok dearie go ahead. I will save your blanket for you.” I sat down at my desk to write a letter to Naomi.

Dear Naomi, I hope you are doing well I have been missing you around here but I like it here. Its cozy and warm. Tell me about your home. Your loving sister, Devorah.” It was short but would provide conversation.  I sat on my bed and layed down. I drifted off into sleep. Suddenly I was awoken by Mrs.Kagan yelling “DEVORAH! GRAB YOUR COAT NOW!” I checked my watch it said “1:27 a.m” “What?” I whispered. I grabbed my coat put it on and went to the front door. There was Mr.Kagan coughing like crazy.


My eyes widened I was terrified. “It’s his cancer it’s back” I thought. All of a sudden, we were in the car heading to the hospital. As soon as we got there Mr.Kagan was taken to a room. At around 2:30 a man came out and said “His leukemia is back, come with me if you would like to see him.”

When we walked in he was hooked up to wires. I ran out terrified of what would happen. Mrs.Kagan followed me, “dearie I know it looks scary but its not.” She took my hand and we walked into the room.

“Devorah. Said a weak voice, “Devorah if i die-” “YOU WON’T” I cut him off.

“YOU WON’T NOT TODAY! I need you,” he smiled. “Devorah I want you to have this.” He handed me a photo, there smiling back at me was all of us. Soon after a man came out and said, “We need to take him to surgery.” So we waited.  As we headed home after Mr.Kagan’s surgery, I just looked at the photo. I got home and took out the photo of my old family and new family and put them in a frame together and set it down on my desk. When I walked out of my room, I sat in the living room with Mr. and Mrs.Kagan.

“Hello Mother and Father.”Tears formed in my eyes. I finally accepted them as my family.

“Ding Dong,” I went to open the door. There sat the little white kitten. I picked him up. I walked into the living room, “Mother?”

“I got him for you”. I just smiled wide and hugged the little kitten. A little later father took me into the dark room, and showed me all the supplies. Then I took a picture of father. After we came out of the room Elizabeth set out dinner. This time, instead of mother being the only one talking,  we all talked and had fun. After dinner I sat down, took the small blanket and attached a ribbon to the front. I found the cat who I named snow and tied it around him. It was like a tiny cape. I took him and flew him around the house. Then I took everyone into the dark room for a family photo. Snow kept squirming. I hugged him tight as the light flashed. VRRRRRRRRRRRRRRT. I took the photo and waited soon it revealed all of us sitting together. “We are a family,” I whispered.

“Yes we are,” whispered  mother’s voice.