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imageimageimageIn art we are working on forced perspective photography. It means that a thing is closer to the camera than something else


In art we learned how to create 3/4 portraits. During the holiday sukkot  we invite guests to the sukkah. They are called ushpizin. I choose Shimon peres because he was a very important person in Israel.


In art we learned that Van Gogh was inspired by Rembrant’s self portrait. Van Gogh made a self portrait of himself holding  a paintbrush and a palette. So in art we drew our self portraits. _no_subject__-_maya_l_mjgds_org_-_martin_j__gottlieb_day_school_mail

I see art differently now that I saw a picture of a stool with a bicycle wheel on it. Now I see that art can be anything. My favorite part of this project was making the background! If I had time I would change the table it doesn’t stand out to me.


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After reading the book, The Dot, Maya made her mark!Maya_dot

I made this with markers and colors. I thought it was really pretty because I mixed all the colors and made black. -Maya’s words, written by Ms. Tolisano