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Tiny Tap and VoiceThread has helped me improve my Hebrew vocabulary. On Tiny Tap we create games to help our vocabulary. On VoiceThread we record our self speaking Hebrew. That is what improves our vocabulary.😃


Please click here to see my TinyTap game.

Please click here to hear my VoiceThread.

A video This video is to my mom teling her how much I apresheate her love and care.

Enjoy moms! We apresheate you remember that.


I want to go to Japan because my uncle and ant live there and I want to meet them they just got married. I want to go to Russia because I want to learn Russian I also want to see the butiful buildings.

This movie is about a panda who wants to learn more about his past and he needs to defeat the forces of evil with his kung fu team. He finds the village were he was born. The village is where he discovers inner peace.  He defeats the forces of evil with inner peace and returns home knowing that the present is more important then the past.



In Jewish Studies I learned about Passover. We were slaves in Egypt and today we are free people.

MayaLTrailer from MJGDS Classrooms on Vimeo.

This is a trailer I made about Harry Potter and his adventure in his first book. The project was easy for me.

Enjoy the trailer!

This is a letter that tells a lot about what Dr.King did for us. Enjoy

imageOnce upon a time there was a drop. His name was Molecule. He felt like he was being lifted in the air. He was! It was the first step of the water cycle. Then he was being pushed together forming a cloud. The next thing he knew he was snow. He landed in New York. He melted and went in a sewer. He was cold. Then a sink turned on. He fell in a cup! Oh no. A girl drank him.

The End!

I recommend you read Harry Potter. It is full of amazing things like magic.

Harry goes on lots of adventures. And if you read it I hope you like it.