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This week in math we have been reviewing all the chapters for our end of the year test. We have gotten trough 1,2,3,4,5, and 6. We have been doing one at school and one at home. I am exited to do this test.

On Monday we reviewed for a quiz. Then on Tuesday  we took a quiz, I didnt finish it yet. On Wednesday we did more review. I am exited for what lies ahead in my math classroom! I am also excited about my last test.

We have reached chapter ten in math! This chapter is our last chapter and after we are going to start coding and other stuff like that.     This week we learned about graphing functions. First you make a table with four sections across and five down. In the top you will put X and 16x+6 and Y and (X,Y) then under Y put 1,2,3,4. after fill the X in the problem with that number solve then you have Y Use the numbers to make (1,22) and your done!