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In math this week we learned about intergurs. An intergur is when you take a number line up to 5 and you make sure that there is a negative side. Then  you take an negative number and take away the negative sign. It was really easy for me and i aced the test on it. Also the way Mrs.Resnick taught it to us made it easy.

In Big Miracle a reporter is video tapping a child on a motor bike in Alaska when he finds three whales stuck in ice. He decides to do a report on them. Afterward the report goes viral and people are so worried about the whales.  They get named Whilma, Bambam, and Fred so many reporters come out to Alaska to do reports on the whales. A few days in everyone decides to create a path to the ocean for the whales. To find out what happens watch Big Miracle. 

This is Tzar Ba’aley Chaim – צער בעלי חיים.  Tzar Ba’aley Chaim – צער בעלי חיים’s rules are that the benifit of the human has to outweigh the suffering of the animal. For example you need a pigs organ to save your grandfather, what are you going to? Let him die, OR kill the pig? This story relates to Tzar Ba’aley Chaim – צער בעלי חיים  because they didnt kill the whales and instead saved them

In the next few weeks I.T.B.S tests will be happening. So in math we have been reviewing. First we did a packet and it was easy. Then we did a crash course. Today we checked the packet. Next week we will continue our reviewing.

When your an adult you normally want to start dieting. Well Carbs are very important because they give you short term energy and yes having a lot of carbs is bad. Lets say you are running a marathon tomorrow you, need carbs so you eat pasta for dinner and toast for breakfast. So yes having to many carbs is bad but if you have just the right amount your good.