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In math we learned about how to find an area of a 3D shape. We learned about the following: cubes, cylinders, and pyramids. After we did this we practiced and are going to have a test that I hope I ace. 

In math this week we learned about area’s. At first it was hard for me then my friend showed me an easier way to do it. Multiply the numbers you have to find the area. After we learned we took a test about it and I am confident that I will get a good grade.

In math this week we reviewed for a test. On Monday and Tuesday we reviewed. On Wednesday we had our test. In my opinion the test was easy but time consuming.

A Righteous Gentile is a non Jew who has saved a Jew from being killed by the Nazi’s.  I have a story of a Righteous Gentile her name is Marianna Kopyt. A girls mother and grandmother were taken from their home ghetto to a different ghetto. All that was left for her was her father, her father took her to a family friend who was christian. The friends name was Marianna Kopyt. She kept them safe until the war was over. Without Righteous Gentiles there would be less Jews in this world. These people saved future generations and helped the Jewish community grow. They are lifesavers.

     In the book Prisoner B-3087 by Alan Gratz, the main character is Yanek. Yanek is a Jew in 1940’s Poland. He goes through multiple concentration camps. He also loses his family and people he loves. I can’t imagine going through that. I think Birkenau  was the worst camp he went to.


    The first thing Yanek went through was being shoved into a gas chamber. Helpless, Yanek curled up on the floor. The other prisoners were banging on the door screaming uncontrollably.

He finally got up after five minutes of waiting  and yelled loudly at the Nazi’s to “kill us already!” Out came water and everyone danced. I think the gas chamber was scary, I would have banged on the doors too.


      The second horrible thing Yanek had to endure at Birkenau was getting a tattoo. When Yanek was in line, he heard men screaming.Yanek didn’t know what was going on until he got to the front of the line. He saw men screaming and needles. I can’t bear people in pain, so would have looked away.


     The last  horrible thing Yanek had to go through at Birkenau was the work. He had to move heavy back breaking rocks from one side of the yard to the other over and over again. That is torture, I wouldn’t be able to bear work like that.


During Yanek’s time at Birkenau and while he was a prisoner at war. I think of all the trials Yanek went through in Birkenau which included the following: being terrified in a gas chamber, getting a tattoo,and being forced to work. The incident in the gas chamber was actually the worst. I think it is great that in the end Yanek survived.

Is over of is when in a problem it says 1% of what number is 11 it would be placed like: x/100 = 11/1. Then you would solve. thishas helped me remember what goes on top and on bottom.

A microscope changes the way we see things resulting in finding out new about bacteria like finding a cure for the flu. I really think that is importent for the world and that the microscope is very importent.