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When doing percentages you can convert it into  a decimal or a fraction. When converting into a fraction you put a number over one hundred then reduce to its smallest. When making it to a decimal you have to to use one hundred and then move it to decimal like this 0.64 is a convertion. That is how you convert a decimal.

In the movie “Pay It Forward” a little kid gets a assignment and the assignment says “think of a way to change the world and put it into action”. Well this kid takes it way too seriously, he sees a man who is homeless and takes him in. he feeds the man, he lets the mansleep there, and he gives him money. This kid tells him “pay it forward”, this man passes it on. Later you learn that his mom passed it and his grandma and so on. It soon came to a reporter who wanted learn who started it. He traces it back to the boy. The boy gets interviewed and afterward he sees a kid getting bullied, he tries to help but one kid had a knife and stabbed the little kid he was taken to the ER and passed away. Later people came to remember this kid at his house.  This relates to

מצוה גוררת מצוה – “One mitzvah leads to another” because everyone helped each other in a chain that is how it relates.

This week in math we had a test. Due to this test we had reviews all week. I think that this test was fairly easy. I turned it in and got myself  a A. 

Ruby Bridges was the first african american to go to a all white school. She had to be escorted by police to get to school. All the parents took their children out of the school.  I think Ruby was very brave.

It looked to me  that ruby was scared. Ruby was afraid to eat because a women threaten  to poison her.  Soon kids came back and went to school. No one would talk to ruby till the end of the year.


It bothers me that the black people  throughout history were treated as if lesser. The fact that Ruby was threaten by adults was cruel and straight up  wrong. She was bullied by children too, they wouldnt talk to her. If i was Ruby I wouldnt care and i would be brave.

I created a animal in science. I call it the Birdacorn.  It is a multi-cellular animal and walks and flies. It eats with its mouth and gets rid of its waste through its mouth. It starts out  0.3048 meters tall and gets to be 1.524 meters and weighs 226.796 kilograms.  It has two stages 1: baby  2: adult. My animal  eats grass and drinks soda, its asexual so parts of the birdacorn come off and become baby’s.  You can find this creature in the plains when it is cold with it’s herd.

In math a normal is when a graph is symmetrical.  When its a box and whisker plot you can tell by the median being in the middle of the box.  When its a skerw graph its not symmetrical. I have no idea why there is the normal when you can always do skerw.  It makes no sense.