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Have you ever gotten off a ride and your mom knows another good ride but you don’t want to go? Then you go on and you like it? Well that’s what happened to me. “Wow” I said in a surprised tone. “Mhm” my mom said in an I told you so tone. The sign said “The Cheetah”.  “I’m doing it!” yelled my sister we agreed and got in line for a ten minute wait. As soon as we got on ,they told my sister to put her glasses in the cubby. I sat up front.
“Gulp” I made a weird noise as the ride started. We slowly went up what looked liked Mt.Everest! As soon as we got to the top WHOOSH! I tried to scream but I think it was like “ahh” in a small voice. Then the ride took me on turns going left, right, and straight ahead.. The whole time it was like the windiest hurricane ever! We  got off the ride, hair a mess and yelled “WOOHOO”. I learned a great lesson that day, it’s good to try new things. Ever since then i have been trying new things. In the end I was happy my mom suggested that ride.

Today in class we learned how to divide decimals. To divide a decimal you need  to fist have a problem like 45.0 divided by 9.0 you firs set up a long division problem. Then you would  take the decimal from your outside number and move it to the back of the number. Then you do the same but the same amount of numbers to the other  decimal. From there move the decimal up.  then solveas a regular problem!

In math today we learned how to divide decimals with whole number  this is sitxth grade math at my school.  With decimals its diffrent a decimal is not a whole number here is a decimal 45.889, the dot is the decimal.  When you do this proedure in math you just move the decimal up to the “ledge”  and you forget the other one. Thats how you divide a decimal by a whole number