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I made a moving Hanukkah card! I went on to Tynker and followed instructions given by my Teacher. I was surprised that the Hanukkahia didn’t go down (literally) as planned. But the dragon did blow fire!  I made a family where the dad and kid danced and the mom laughed and a dragon lit the menorah. I had a lot of fun!

Press play.
After fire is gone, press space.

imageI want to get better at knowing what Trope makes what sound. I will achieve this by studying more. I also want to stop drifting off in class. I will achieve this by keeping my eyes on what I am doing.


I don’t know why I like summer maybe it’s the breeze or the waves at the beach, but whatever it is summer is my favorite season. Some of my favorite thing to do in summer are going to the beach and going to the park and my birthday is in July.

In Summer the breeze is like a cool soft blanket on my skin. It makes me feel good inside and the ocean like a cold slushy on my toes, and the sand like a warm fire beneath my feet.

The park like a jungle of freedom it feels like I can do as I wish. Like a monkey! I’m like a monkey because I can climb anywhere! From the top of the jungle gym to swinging high on the swings!

The excitement in the air during my birthday. I feel like a special thing like the sun or moon. I feel like i am the sun (soul real name of the sun) and my friends and family are the planets.

The fireworks like an amazing piece of art in the sky on the fourth of July. I feel warm like the fireworks are inside me. Like a warm fire and the colors are like jewels in my eyes!            

I feel free from the boring days of school ( no offence Mrs. Raitt).