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Hi, I am Olive. I am in 5th grade. Here is a story of the first day of school: “Here I am” I thought “Finally!” I walked into class all my friends were there! They motioned me over to an empty seat next to them. We have desks, but there is no place in our desks to put our stuff. So we have middle school sized lockers. I am mature, calm, kind and peaceful.
I would give money to a poor person. It’s just who I am.

My teacher is very nice her name is Mrs. Telamaner. I was so excited about being in the 5th grade, “The head of the elementary school”. In every class it was rules, rules, rules! I know ALL the rules already! They are wasting my time! I came here to learn not to sit here and listen to rules! Finely it was the end of the day I got through it without exploding. Ok well,I have to go so
The End


In art we learned that Van Gogh was inspired by Rembrant’s self portrait. Van Gogh made a self portrait of himself holding  a paintbrush and a palette. So in art we drew our self portraits. _no_subject__-_maya_l_mjgds_org_-_martin_j__gottlieb_day_school_mail