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My Parsha was about how the Jews built the synigog and how they disign the lead rabi’s cholths. My activity was all the reast of the kids had to draw cloths and then they had to present them. In english this is what my Parsa was: Moses made the Cohen’s clothes. Moses also checked if every thing was as G/d said. When everything was checked and everything was as God said a cloud rose over the synagogue. When the cloud lifted and moved the Jews would follow it and at night it would turn in to a pillar of fire. When the cloud rested the Jews would set up camp and stayed there till the cloud moved again.    

My life lesson is to follow G-D and always do what G-D commands.

                                                                                                                            חזק חזק וניחזק    

Strong, strong, and let us be


Copy of Maya

I wrote a report on Henry Flagler. I did a lot of research. I gathered the research and made a report. then I made a script for our ” wax museum” .  I made a prop it was a hotel made out of cardboard. I worked really hard on my project.