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In torah we made a picture on the chapter that Moses was put in the Nile and we all chose a time to make a picture of the time that we wanted to make a picture on. Mine was of Moses’s mom putting him in the Nile. Here is my picture image1-3I made in Jewish Interactive. The chapter was chapter 2 (in book five) verse 5.



I made a project on a problem in the Purim story. I did it on the queen that got kicked out of the castle because she didn’t go to the king’s party. I had a lot of ideas but I finally chose one that made it perfect. I went over and over my script to make sure I did it right. Then I recorded my pictures that I got on Wixie and recorded it on Chatterpix Kids. In the end she didn’t attend.

In class we read a book on five kids who go back in time to the first Passover in Egypt.

Then we made our own.

Mine was that I didn’t know the Passover story and then a tornado took me back in time to the slaves and I listened to them.
Then the tornado came again and took me to the first Passover.

I listened to the asking the mom why they were leaving Egypt.

Then the tornado ( which I named Rainbow the tornado) came back and it took me back home.

Finally I said “ I know it! I know the Passover story”.