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It was a regular afternoon during P.E. and it was hot outside. Fourth grade was outside on the big, green, grassy soccer field playing Capture the Flag. In Capture the Flag you try to  get the flag in a box that is on the other team’s side, at the opposite end of the field. Each player  has a flag on a belt tied around their waist. The only way to get someone out is to pull their flag if they are on your side of the field. When someone pulls your flag you are out of the game for two minutes. If someone on the other team makes it to their side with the flag that person’s team wins.

I was just standing there on the field looking around. Then, all of a sudden, Jett, who is one of the best players at everything, ran past me. I ran after him and I got closer, and closer, and then, I pulled Jett’s flag! I was extremely excited that I finally pulled Jett’s flag! Jett one of the hardest people to get out and I got him out! He is hard to get out because he is one of the fastest kids in my class. I, Maya, was the one who got Jett out! Then  the fairy of sports came out of nowhere and said ” good job Maya” and gave me a medal. I won the game!