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GeoLiteracy Map Skills

I made a map of Tennessee in library. In my map I had a legend. (That is the thing that tells you what each picture stands for.)

First, I researched everything I needed to know. Then I used a program called Wixie to make the map.

I really want to change the color of the text because it doesn’t stand out to me. It was fun, you should make a map.        

   I enjoyed my SLC because I  finally  got to show my work to my parents. I felt ready to show it because I told myself I can do it. I tried my best because I wanted to do my best. For my Spring SLC I will make a Social Studies Haiku Deck. Nothing was difficult for me. I don’t think my parents learned anything new about me as a learner.



In science we have been learning about plants. We have been using a app called wixe. Here are some pics. image3image1image2image4