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It was a normal day, nothing to do. I remembered to say hi to my mom. I went into her room, and I saw a phone on her dresser. How was I supposed to know it was mine! I said how much I liked the case. She said it would be mine if I finished  everything on time. So I did. Finally the time came! I got my phone and I played on it until bedtime.

In 4th grade, I learned about the High Holidays. In 3rd grade, I learned that Rosh Hashana is when we throw bread in water. This year, I learned the seven steps for correcting my behavior.  Last year, I learned that the Sukkah has to be under the sky. This year, I learned that we can put a Sukkah on a camel!  In torah I learned to find the right chapter and verse.  At the end of learning about the holidays this year,  we had a test on the three holidays.  It was a hard test for me.

I see art differently now that I saw a picture of a stool with a bicycle wheel on it. Now I see that art can be anything. My favorite part of this project was making the background! If I had time I would change the table it doesn’t stand out to me.

GeoLiteracy Map Skills