Main Events From Kung Fu Panda 2

Friday, May 8, 2015

This movie is about a panda who wants to learn more about his past and he needs to defeat the forces of evil with his kung fu team. He finds the village were he was born. The village is where he discovers inner peace.  He defeats the forces of evil with inner peace and returns home knowing that the present is more important then the past.


  1. avatar sethcarpenter says:


    This is an excellent, but brief summary. Next time, be sure to add a few more main events and a detail for each one of them.

    Good job,
    Mr. C.

  2. avatar Stefani Lesser says:


    I really enjoyed reading your summary. The summary flowed very well and lets me know you really understood the story.

    Keep up with the super writing and be sure to publish your work.

    Mrs. Lesser 🙂

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