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   Apr 07

Stop war!

Attack the Germans! Just kidding, I think war is bad.

War can do four bad things.


1.It wastes money.

2.It wastes resources.

3.It destroys property.                                                                                                                                                                                            4.It kills people.                                                                                                                                                 


Some people dislike war. For example in World War 2 Albert Einstein didn’t want to make the atomic bomb, but he thought how bad it would be if the Nazis had the atomic bomb.

There are many bad things war can do like make weak armies, and World Wars can make a Great Depression like World War I did.

There are many things you can do stop war. One thing you can do is protest. Before you protest find people to protest with you. Protest on certain days of the week.

Imagine you were in the military. You were in a war. Lets say it was the Korean War. You were in a fighter plane, someone shot your plane and you died. I am pretty sure you don’t want to die. If you don’t want to die don’t go in wars. Of course people don’t always die in wars but just in case.

Hopefully we don’t have a lot of wars right now. Hope you can help stop war.


   Mar 02

Lets Play

In the public domain:vannick cco

   Feb 23

Get Off My Land!!!

By Charlesjsharp – Own work, from Sharp Photography, sharpphotography, CC BY-SA 4.0,

   Feb 17

How to Walk a Dog


What did I do? I typed a book about how to walk a dog. How did I do it? First I typed in words and printed it.Then I used Book Creator to take a photo of my work. I did the typing well . It was hard to take the photo. I could of done it faster. Next time I will work harder. I give credit to my dad for giving me tips.

   Nov 17

Guardian of the Rainforest

I created a jaguar book . I researched with websites and databases. I worked very hard on it. I took a picture with  Google Earth of South America because the Amazon Rainforest is in South America .  I used Popplet, Book Creator,  I did good on the research .I could add more words.