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I made a tanka poem in class. A tanka poem is the oldest Japanese form of poetry. It needs 5, 7, 5, 7, 7 syllables each line. My poem was about life being created.

Do you want to go to space? I don’t. I don’t like the idea. I don’t want to go to space because space affects your body in many negative ways. Another reason is that the adventure in space is not worth it.

Also, I like life on Earth.


Space affects your body in many bad ways.

Space weakens your immune system because you’re not exposed to people and germs. When you are exposed to many people and germs your body builds a defense against those things. Your immune system helps fight off diseases. It would be hard to fight off sicknesses if your immune system gets weakened. Nobody wants that. Space takes away bone mass. Astronauts lose more than one percent of their bone mass each month! Loss of bone mass is caused by lack of gravity. When they get back to earth they gain some of there bone mass, but not all of it. I have to say I want my bone mass.


Going to space isn’t worth it.  

What do you gain? Nothing. The whole idea of me going to sounds crazy, but I still like astronomy. There are good things in space but the good things also come with bad things attached.  For example, from The International Space Station you can see earth but you may not have time to. You can multitask but earth won’t look as good if you multitask because you would focus on what you supposed to be doing not watching earth.There isn’t much to do in space. The zero gravity is a big problem.


I like life on Earth.

In space the freeze dried food is bad and it is not fresh. Imagine it as fast food in space. Plus some foods can’t survive in space, like the baloney sandwich (someone has actually brought a baloney sandwich to space. It didn’t work out well). In space you need a suit to breathe and on earth, you don’t.  There is gravity on earth. Though in space there isn’t gravity, which would be annoying.

Well, that’s why I don’t want to go to space. That is because it affects your body in many bad ways, the adventure in space not worth it, also, I like life on Earth.

The third, fourth, and fifth grade of MJGDS went to Fort Caroline National Memorial, and the visitor center. The classes learned about the French, Spanish, and the Timucua Indian Tribe. about We learned  that Mayport and May River was named because Jean Ribault landed in Florida in the Month of May. My favorite part was being in the fort. Even though the fort was a replica it was still fun and informative. The cannons were cool. I liked that they talked about a lot including how the Timucua Tribe and The French were different. The is good for fifth, fourth, third, second, and maybe first grade.

Max – Pizza Life from MJGDS Classrooms on Vimeo.

In library I mad a Hanukkah  google doodle in scratch.

A google doodle is a doodle that take place where google shows it’s name.

I did it by experimenting and trying out stuff.

click the G for it to say happy Hanukkah. press space to make the menorah glow. I enjoyed the project a lot.   Next time I would spend more time on it.

Parashat Vayigash
In Parashat Vayigash, Yosef revealed his true identity to his brothers. Yosef’s brothers brought Benjamin to him. Yosef’s brothers wanted to go to back to eretz Canaan. Yosef had a plan. He asked his servants to fill his brothers sack with grain, and put his silver cup in the sack of Benjamin. Then he asked them to go after his brothers saying that the my cup is missing. They found his silver cup in Benjamin’s sack and Judah took the blame. Yosef realized that his brothers learned from what they did years ago and revealed who he was. The brothers were surprised and traveled back to eretz Canaan to tell Yaacov.
Yaacov moved his home to Goshen with his family and Yosef went there to see him. Pharaoh wanted to put Yosef’s brothers in the army. Yosef brought his weakest looking brothers to Pharaoh and said they are not army material. Pharaoh agreed, so they ended up taking care of Pharaoh’s cows.
Pharaoh’s people ran out of food and Yosef said he’d trade food for animals. A year later they ran out of food again and traded slavery for food and seed.

My Life Lesson
My life lesson is to always tell the truth, because anything could of happened if Yosef didn’t reveal his identity.


My activity was I put people into groups and had them pick out a card with a name of someone in Jewish history.  Then one group stood up and asked yes or no questions about the person.  After five questions they guessed who the person was. I did this activity because Yosef revealed himself to his brothers so the groups revealed their card to the other groups.


The state symbols I choose are orange juice,the alligator, Old Folks at Home, and the Florida Panther.

My first symbol is orange juice. I choose orange juice because most oranges come from Florida.Florida’s orange juice is popular all over the country.

For my second symbol I choose Old Folks at Home

I choose our state song because Stephen Foster thought up the song looking at a map which is unique. He also changed the name of the river Suwannee to Swanee.

My third symbol is The Alligator. I choose the gator because it represents bravery in our state. We have been through lots of hurricanes and were brave.
For my fourth symbol I choose The Florida Panther.Panthers are swift and well prepared, so are Floridians. Panther are also strong, and so are we.

I hope you like My Florida State Seal,


  1. Who did Kate Barlow love?

       a. Clyde Livingston

       b. Trout Walker

       c. Sam the Onion Man

        d. The sheriff

  1. Who is the the warden related to?

        a. Zero

        b. Stanley Yelnats

        c. The president

        d. Trout Walker


   3.What crime did Stanley get accused of?

       a. Stanley stole The Hope Diamond

       b. He kidnapped a famous cow

       c. Stanley stole Clyde Livingston’s shoes

       d. He hijacked a car


  1. Where did Zero live before Camp Green Lake?

     a. Raleigh,North Carolina

     b. Zero was homeless

     c. Orlando, Florida

     d. Washington D.C


  1. Why did Stanley take the water truck?     

       a. To rescue Zero

       b. To rescue X-Ray

       c. To get cigarettes for Mr. Sir

       d. To purposely drive it into a hole


  1. How did Stanley break the family curse?

        a. He brings Kate Barlow’s lipstick tube to a museum

       b. He finds out the real reason Camp Green Lake became Camp Green Lake

       c. Stanley writes and buries the story of Elya Yelnats

       d. Stanley brings Zero up Big Thumb and has him drink from the stream of water


  1. Stanley’s dad created Sploosh. What was it meant for?

      a. An environmentally friendly detergent

       b. The first nonalcoholic hand sanitizer

        c. A foot odor spray

       d. A cherry flavored astronaut drink


  1. At Camp Green Lake there is a deadly animal that nobody wants to be bitten by. What is that animal?

     a. Gila Monsters

     b. Yellow spotted Lizards

     c. Polar Bears

     d. Rattlesnakes


  1. What’s the special ingredient in The Warden’s nail polish?

      a. Rattlesnake venom

      b. Pickle Juice

      c. Beet juice

      d. Coconut milk


  1. Who took Mr. Sir’s sunflower seeds?

   a. Zero

   b. X-Ray

   c. Mr. Pendanski

   d. Magnet   



Answers:1c 2d 3c 4b 5a 6d 7c 8b 9a 10d