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   May 29

Fairy Tale: Andrew

   May 19

The Magical Café

On May 19th 2017 we opened a café. We had great service! I was a host. My mom couldn’t come but my dad did. The money was for tzadaka. We got more than 200 dollars. We got good service. Everyone loved the food. After everyone left we ate the leftovers. My favorite was the banana bread. The Magical Café was a huge success.

   May 08

Yom HaAtzmaot

Yom HaAtzmaot is fun. It is Israels 69th birthday. We did stuff  like EAT FALAFEL and a chocolate bar. We played basketball –  knockout and soccer (Israel has a soccer and basketball team). We learned about the Western Wall and got to put paper in the “Western Wall”. I wrote two things. We learned a Israeli song. It was  lots of fun.

   May 03

My Favorite Parasha in Sefer Shemot is Ki Tisa

In Parasha Ki Tisa the symbol is a way to show a half. I like it because it shows that there is a good side of people and a bad side of people. I also like it because it shows that people are on the same side as you even if that person seems against you. It shows that there is no good people and no bad people, they just have different reasons.

I like Parasha Ki Tisa and I hope you do too.

   Apr 07

Stop war!

Attack the Germans! Just kidding, I think war is bad.

War can do four bad things.


1.It wastes money.

2.It wastes resources.

3.It destroys property.                                                                                                                                                                                            4.It kills people.                                                                                                                                                 


Some people dislike war. For example in World War 2 Albert Einstein didn’t want to make the atomic bomb, but he thought how bad it would be if the Nazis had the atomic bomb.

There are many bad things war can do like make weak armies, and World Wars can make a Great Depression like World War I did.

There are many things you can do stop war. One thing you can do is protest. Before you protest find people to protest with you. Protest on certain days of the week.

Imagine you were in the military. You were in a war. Lets say it was the Korean War. You were in a fighter plane, someone shot your plane and you died. I am pretty sure you don’t want to die. If you don’t want to die don’t go in wars. Of course people don’t always die in wars but just in case.

Hopefully we don’t have a lot of wars right now. Hope you can help stop war.


   Mar 02

Lets Play

In the public domain:vannick cco

   Feb 23

Get Off My Land!!!

By Charlesjsharp – Own work, from Sharp Photography, sharpphotography, CC BY-SA 4.0,