Million Dollar Journey

The sky was swirling with anger. Thunder exploded like a grenade in a battle field. Simultaneously, lightning split through the sky, a frightening burst of light in the dark. Rain thrashed through the night causing raucous [drumbeats] on the rooftops of houses. Hour after hour, the storm failed to lapse. Children cried beneath their blankets, dogs howled in fright, and two boys wandered down the street.
One was slightly taller than the other. He was fifteen years old by the name of Ryan. This boy had shaggy brown hair with dark eyes. He was quiet and mindful. The latter went by the name Bobby and had dirty blond hair, cloudy eyes, and a slightly smaller build than his friend. Their clothing was drenched from the rain, yet they walked on, not knowing who they were looking for or what they would tell them. Let me take you back a bit…
It was just a normal Autumn day for these two teenagers at Smith HS, their high school institution. After school, they went home and followed through on their daily routine – taking a walk in the afternoon together to escape from the busy schedule of life. A forest lay behind their street with trees as high as sky scrapers and endless adventure possibilities. That one afternoon, Ryan and Bobby decided to explore the forest. Usually they would just walk along the forest edge, both slightly apprehensive to enter the dark, mysterious trees. Today however, Ryan felt that it was time to explore the woods, even though their mothers, with their matronly instincts, would not approve. But why would they have to know? Bobby, on the other hand was not so certain. “It’s dangerous in there!” he exclaimed. Ryan insolently responded, “Are you afraid?”
As soon as the teenagers entered the forest, they were immediately encased in leaves, branches, and wildlife. They ventured on, enjoying the many sounds and aspects of nature. Time got away from them and before they knew it, it was becoming dark. The boys decided to turn around and venture back home. They kept on walking and the sky kept on getting darker. Bobby spoke up first, “I think that we are lost.” Ryan, incredulously, replied, “No, we’re fine,” though he had some doubt himself. An owl’s hoot echoed through the stillness of the forest. Out of nowhere, the skies opened up and it began to rain. That did not help reform the situation. Hopeless and exhausted, feeling conquered, both of them were ready to renounce their adventure. It was right then, that Ryan and Bobby came across a small cabin.
With major curiosity, the two boys approached the wooded shack-like structure. They turned to each other, getting a good look at the other for the first time in the whole afternoon and realized that they both had very haggard appearances. Ryan knocked on the door. No one answered. He slowly opened the door. What he saw astounded him. Dozens of stacks of money were piled on the floor. There must have been hundreds, probably thousands of $100 bills in the small cabin in the woods. “Bobby,” Ryan said softly. “Somebody was here….and they left millions of dollars.” Cynically, Bobby said, “Yea right.” But then he took a look inside.
The two boys both sat down on the floor swapping elaborate tales as to what might have happened. Maybe there was a massive bank robbery and the robbers were hiding the money there. Maybe a thief stole an extremely valuable gem from a museum and sold it. Their imaginations were filled with possibilities. Maybe, at any moment,  a man would come swaggering inside, and find them there…what would they do then? After half an hour, the boys decided that they would take a look outside, around the cabin. When they went outside, to their amazement, they saw a clearing in the forest and lights that appeared to be from street lamps.
The teenagers walked towards the street in what seemed like a normal neighborhood, fast asleep in the moonlit sky, but they soon discovered that it was not their own. Exhausted and beat, the boys continued walking, finally deciding to go back to the cabin and sleep for the night. Once they were there, Ryan lay down on the floor. He thought, “In the morning, we will…” Well, he couldn’t think about the morning yet, and a wave of sleep swept over him.

Reflection: I wrote this story for an English Worldy Wise vocabulary assignment. I wanted to use the vocabulary words in an interesting and entertaining story. I enjoy mystery and suspense stories, and so I wanted to incorporate some of those factors into this piece of writing. I am proud of the plot and and characters because I feel like I described what was happening, and to whom it was happening to very well. I believe that I have a good hook that draws readers in and an ending that leaves room for many different scenarios for a sequel. If I were to continue this story, I would like to develop the plot more and make it more complex. Overall, I enjoyed writing this vocabulary story and am happy with the end result.

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