Matter Chatter

Matter is here and matter is there,

And matter is simply everywhere.

You can find it in three states that you will see,

Are interesting and as cool as can be!

First there are solids which retain shape,

The particles are close together and cannot escape.

An ice-cube is a solid but just you wait,

Leave it out in the sun and it will change state.

It turns into water, a liquid, also known as H2O,

Liquid particles are looser and have more places to go.

Liquids can change shape if they so choose,

But volume is something that they can’t gain or lose

Leave a glass of water out in the sun,

And you will soon find that there is none.

It became a gas through evaporation,

But don’t get confused with a gas station.

Gasses can expand indefinitely like air,

They’re all over the place and quite enough to spare.

That is the start but there is much more to learn,

Matter is complicated in all of its forms.

A crystal is a 3D pattern that repeats,

It is called a crystalline solid such as salt which we eat.

Yet, some solids do not form crystals you see,

They are called amorphous solids and are as random as can be.

Viscosity is a liquid’s resistance to flow,

Honey has a high viscosity, did you know.

Overall, that is all you need to know about matter,

I hope you enjoyed Matter Chatter!

Reflection: This is a piece work that I am proud of because I spent a lot of time trying to make it just perfect for my science assignment. This is a poem that  I wrote for my science “chapter challenge” and is about the states of matter and other topics in the chapter. This was a new type of project for me; I never had to do a poem for science before. In the end, I think that it came out nicely. I think that this poem is an entertaining way to learn about matter.


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