Beauty of the Beach

As I bask in the warm, lemon drop sun of the Hawaiian beach, I breathe in the fresh, salty air. Palm trees sway in the refreshing breeze and I hear the chirping of the native birds. The cotton-candy-like clouds stand out against the brilliant blue sky. The waves crash at the shore and the sandpipers scurry away from the water. I brush my foot against the silky, white sand and gaze at the turquoise water that expands vastly for miles on end. Every once and a while, a dolphin gracefully leaps out of the water. I can taste the saltwater on my lips and cannot imagine a more perfect place to be than here.

There are no upcoming exams here, no deadlines….there is only peace. All of your worries fly away like little birds escaping from a locked cage. I breathe in the fresh, cool air, taking in the beauty and serenity of the beach-then breathe out. The only thing that exists here is tranquility.

The warm sun beams down on me; It’s rays offer happiness and hope. The ocean is a cerulean blue and it contains millions of sparkling sapphires. With each crash at the shore, the sandpipers scurry away. They are happy to dwell at the beach and call the ocean their home. I feel the sand, as white as sugar, against my feet. It makes up such an important part of the beach experience.

The fluffy, white clouds slowly dance across the sky, providing hours of entertainment for children pointing at the shapes and animals that they form. The dazzling white of the clouds against the gorgeous blue sky is as beautiful as bright orange lilies across a grassy valley. Palm trees rustle in the gentle breeze; a soft breeze just enough to be noticed.

With the ocean, the sky, the sun, and the sand, a Hawaiian beach offers relaxation and peace. What is not to love in a place where you have no worries and where you can dream any dream and have high hopes of it coming true?

Reflection: I think that this is an example of my best work because I focused on using descriptions and metaphors to enhance my writing. I wrote this essay for an English figurative language writing assignment. Figuritive language includes similes and metaphors. This type of language in the piece of writing makes it more interesting and enjoyable to read. Overall, I am very proud of my work!

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