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5th Grade Appreciations

My Hanukah Card

In library we created a Hanukah card using Tynker a coding website. I made my actor jump and my menorah turn to jelly donuts on a winter background that said happy Hanukah. The actor jumping looked good but it took a long time to make it work by trying really hard. The menorah turning to jelly donuts worked really well because they are both Hanukah related. Click actor to make her jump.

My Digital Footprint

My Racing Game


In library we created racing games using My favorite part was drawing the circle. It was the easiest part. The hardest part was getting the car to stay on the track. If I had more time I would perfect my circle.It was track because it is lopsided.  1. press the green flag.
2.use the side arrows to move the car.
3. use the down arrow to control the speed

My Amazing Animated Name

1. Press the green flag.
2. Click the stage.

3. Click the D.


In library we animated our names on Scratch.  My favorite part was adding the effects. My favorite part of my project is the unicorn underneath my name. The hardest part was making the stage change color. If I had more time I would change my background.

My Marvelous Map

imageI My Marvelous Map

I created a map of South Carolina. I included: the legend, title, capital, resources, absolute and physical locations. I found the information by researching the WorldBook Online database and website to complete an organizer. I also used Wixie to create my map using stickers from the Wixie library. I would like to change the size of the state, add more info, location of the river icon, and find the exact location of mines. I enjoyed this project because I learned so many things.


My Geo Map




Travel Report: Israel

Escape From Mr. Lemoncello’s library Book Trailer

MadelynM from MJGDS Classrooms on Vimeo.


This is a book trailer about a book called  Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s library.  It’s about a boy that

gets in trouble by beating his brothers by jumping out the window.  I used the software app frames and I got help from my teachers and my classmates.  I checked my spelling and grammar and added music. I put images and transitions and credits.  Enjoy!


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