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Mulitipling Fractions

In math we learned how to multiply fractions. Here is my Educreation.

מכת ברד

In Jewish Studies we learned about the plague of hail. Moshe started the plague by throwing his hands in the air and hail came down. The parshanim (פרשנים) thought that it lasted for a month. The plague affected the Egyptians their plants and animals because the plants caught on fire. Pharaoh’s heart hardened and he didn’t let the Israelites go. In the ice there was fire but the ice didn’t melt. (יש אש על הקרח והקרח לא לנמס) רשי said that the ice and the fire made peace and it was a miracle in a miracle. (רשי אומר שהקרח והאש עושים שלום וזה נס בתוך נס) Pharaoh said that he sinned(פרעוה אמר פעם אחת שהוא חטא)

מכת שכין

 In Jewish Studies we learned about the plague of boils. The parshanim  (פרשנים) thought it lasted for a month. I also thought it lasted for a month.  Moshe started the plague. He threw dust (פיח) into the air and the plague started. The Egyptians and their animals were affected by the plague. Pharoh’s heart hardened and he didn’t let the Israelites go. This plague is similar to the plague of lice because they follow a pattern of two plagues with a warning. In the  plague of lice and the in plague of boils,God didn’t warn Pharoh for those plagues.


מכת ערב

In Jewish Studies we learned about the plague wild animals. I thought that the plague lasted for a week but the parshanim (פרשנים) thought that each plague lasted for a month after the first plague blood. God started the plague. I think this was the worst plague because if you left your house you could get attacked by wild animals. The Egyptians were affected by this plague. Pharoh asked Moshe to make a sacrifice to stop the plague. Moshe told him that he couldn’t do it in Egypt because the Egyptians worshipped sheep. Pharoh told him that he could go make a sacrifice  in the desert. After Moshe prayed the plague stopped. Pharoh’s heart hardened and didn’t let the Israelites go.

Idiom Story

Paisley was sitting at the table waiting for her food. She felt like a fish out of water  at the restaurant. Paisley wondered why her cousin pickedm such a fancy restaurant. “Yes!” Paisley exclaimed. The food was finally there. Paisley couldn’t wait to finish dinner. After dinner her and her family were going to the park to take family pictures. Paisley and her family finally finished their dinner.
“Boom!” The sound of thunder filled the air as they got to the park. “Wow!” Paisley’s dad said. “There goes our pictures.”
It’s raining cats and dogs!” Paisley exclaimed.
“Well back to the drawing board,” Paisley’s little brother grumbled.
“What do you mean?” Paisley’s mom asked.
What are we going to do now that it’s raining?” Paisley’s brother asked.
“We could go get ice cream.” Paisley suggested. Everyone agreed so they went to the ice cream parlor.
When they finally sat down with their ice cream, Paisley’s dad eyed Paisley’s ice cream suspiciously. Paisley started to pig out before her dad said anything.


A Long Walk to Water Book Review

A Long Walk to Water
Author: Linda Sue Park
By: Madelyn M.

Salva escapes his war torn village of Loun-Ariik in Southern Sudan. He finally meets his uncle along the way. Salva started to loose hope but his uncle encouraged him step by step. This book is unique because it is a dual narrative (a story with multiple people’s perspectives.)

Salva has started to travel across Africa on foot. He travels across South Sudan, Ethiopia and Kenya. From 1985 to 1996, Salva is walking across deserts, swimming across rivers and leading a large number of boys to safety. Salva has to leave his village because of the North Sudan soldiers who either forced people to join their army or killed them. Salva is looking for his family and water. My favorite part of the book was when Salva became the leader of fifteen hundred boys. I liked that part because Salva treated everyone kindly and gave them an equal amount of food. He did that because he knew what it felt like to be starving. I think that the book was written in an interesting format because it’s a dual narrative. Other people would enjoy this book because it’s sad and happy at the same time.

This book was entertaining to me because I couldn’t put it down. I kept wanting to know what would happen. I would recommend this book because it was based on a true story and extremely exciting. It started out sad but it ended on a happy note.
Nya is a young girl who walks half of the day every day to get water for her family. She walks even though the water is dirty. Nya lives in South Sudan. During the dry season Nya and her family move and stay there until wet season. This story takes place from 2008-2009. My favorite part of the book was when men came and started digging.

UNF Nature Trail Habitat

 Today we went on a field trip to UNF’s nature trail. My favorite part of the walk was when we walked around the lake. I thought I saw a lilly pad but it was fake. I learned that sometimes you have to burn a section of the nature trail if it’s overgrown. We saw a burned section that was burned a couple weeks ago. A gopher tortoise had already started a burrow there.

מכה כנים

 In Jewish Studies we learned about the plague of lice. The parshanim (פרשנים) thought that this plague lasted for a month. Aharon started the plague because Moshe didn’t want to do it. According to Rashi Moshe didn’t want to do it because he had killed an Egyptian and buried him in the ground so the ground helped him. There was lice everywhere. Pharoh’s heart hardened even more and refused to let the Jewish people go. Pharoh’s magicians (חרטומים) couldn’t do this plague. It was the first plague that they couldn’t do. They told Pharoh that it was God who did it. I wonder if the lice were big or they were normal sized?

Cross Section of a Leaf

  In Science we learned about the cells and tissues in leaves. These are the epidermis, palisade, spongy tissue and veins. The epidermis is the leave’s skin. Leaves make their food in the palisade. The spongy tissue is above the lower layer of the epidermis. Veins are long thin tubes that carry food and water through the plant.

מה דומה ושומה בין מכות דם וצפרדע

יש שונה ודומה בין מכות דם וצפרדע. אהרן התחיל את המכות דם וצפרדע. ה׳ אמר להזהיר את פרעה במכות דם וצפרדע. במכת צפרדע פרעוה ביקש ממשה להיתפלל לה׳. פרעה לא שלח  את העם. המכות היו ביאור. אני חושבת שמכת דם יותר קשה כי המצרים לא יכולים לשתות מים.