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Parashat K’doshim

Each week in fourth and fifth grade someone creates a summary of the  weekly parasha and an activity related to the parasha My parasha was K’doshi. It is about the list of rules the Israelites  had to follow to be holy. Some of these rules are the Ten Commandments like in Parashat Yitro. My activity was a memory game. You had to match the Ten Commandments from K’doshim and the Ten Commandments from Yitro.

My Digital Footprint

Thomas Edison (Wax Museum)

Madelyn Living Wax Museum from MJGDS Classrooms on Vimeo.

In social studies and language arts we wrote a six paragraph biography report about an important person to Florida. Then we typed it and turned it in to a script. We created buttons, props and costumes. We rehearsed a lot until we memorized our script by heart. The wax museum was on April 15. I was Thomas Edison. It was fun but also hard because we had to sit still until someone pressed your button and my lab coat made me sweat.

The First Passover and Generational Passover

imageIn Jewish studies we learned about the first Passover and generational Passover. We read a book about 4 kids that went back in time when בני ישראל were slaves in Egypt and witnessed the first Passover Seder. Then they came back for their Seder.

In class we compared the differences between the first Passover and generational Passover. We were assigned to create a project based on the story we read. My summary was two kids were helping set up the Passover table when…

Esther’s Problem

In Jewish Studies we relearned the Purim story. This time we read the problems the advice and solutions. My project is a 6 paged Wixie with Queen Esther’s problem. She doesn’t know whether she should tell the king she’s Jewish. Four of her servants give her advice. Then she makes her decision.

Quad Blogging MJGDS

Hi I’m Madelyn and I go to the Martin J. Gottlieb Day School. It’s a private Jewish day school school that goes from preschool to 8th grade. My school has a gym/cafeteria, tennis court, volleyball net, basketball court, baseball field and a pool.

The student government is called Knesset. Each year the whole school from second grade and up votes. Starting in 4th grade, Starting in fourth grade we’re allowed to run for Knesset. My friend ran but didn’t win. If you don’t win you can still run for class representative. I won for class representative. Even though I didn’t run for Knesset.

Our resources are library, music, art, science and P.E. My favorite resources are art and music. I like art because I like drawing. We also traced animals for March Mammal Madness. I like music because we’re learning how to play the recorder. In library we’ve just finished coding.It was pretty hard. In P.E. we’re doing soccer and running.

In fourth and fifth grade, we have something called V.P.K. buddies. We are assigned one or two V.P.K. students and we do activities with them once a month. Also at the end of fourth grade and all of fifth grade we get to do safety patrol. You get to be Safety Patrol by getting good grades. If you’re late a lot you can’t be Safety Patrol in the morning. Safety Patrol is when you rise the flags and take them down and do carpool. In fourth grade, you start getting Honor role .

In conclusion I like my school because I like the resources and in fourth grade I like using the one to one iPad program.

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My Tu B’ Shvat

In Jewish Studies we read A book about aliens called Sar and Tar. Then we divided into groups and created a project based on the book. My group created a interview. Originally we were going to do a puppet show but it was coming along so slow that we had to change it. I’m the reporter on channel four with my friends playing the aliens.

My Favorite Activity

My favorite activity is volleyball. I like it because it’s fun and I love people cheering for me.

Volleyball is fun for me because I get to run around and hit the ball. It also feels good when you score. I once scored 4 points with my serves. One time I scored the winning point to win a match with my serve. I also love hitting the ball back to the other side of the net.

I love getting cheered for because it makes me feel good. It might even help me score! Once I was about to score and one of my teammates moms started cheering for me. I felt really excited. Sometimes my teammates on the bench cheered for my teammates on the court. My coaches like us to be quiet on the bench. Sometimes it’s hard because we’re excited.

My favorite activity is volleyball because it’s fun and I like getting cheered for.

Tu B’ Shvat

For Tu- B’ Shvat we went to the U.N.F nature preserve. Three new things I learned are:
Devils Walking Stick is poisonous to animals. It looks like a stick that sticks out of the ground that’s covered in thorns.
Cypress trees have thick trunks that keep them from blowing away in a category five hurricane.
Yellow Bellied Sap Suckers mostly go to sugar gum trees. They peck a hole in the tree and watch the sap come out. Then they fly away and wait for bugs to get stuck in it.
Some things I already knew are:
Blackberry bushes look like poison ivy
How to model a plant.
One interesting fact is Cypress tree roots lock together during hurricanes so they don’t fall over.

My Racing Game


In library we created racing games using My favorite part was drawing the circle. It was the easiest part. The hardest part was getting the car to stay on the track. If I had more time I would perfect my circle.It was track because it is lopsided.  1. press the green flag.
2.use the side arrows to move the car.
3. use the down arrow to control the speed