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This week in math we learned about percents. I have come up with two problems  for you to solve.

1. If Bill gets 20/25 correct on his test, what percentage would he score?

Answer: 80%. You find this by multiplying the denominator to equal 100. You would also multiply the numerator by the same number. 4 times 25 equals 100, so you would also multiply 20 by 4 which is 80. You now have 80/100 which 80%.


2. Sarah took a test and scored 8/9. What percentage did she score?

Answer: 88%. You find the answer differently then the first problem. Since you can’t multiply anything by 9 to equal 100 you divide. You divide the numerator by the denominator. 8 divided by 9 is 88 so the answer is 88%

“Pay it Forward”

Today, we watched the movie “Pay it Forward. It is about a boy who is given an assignment to change the world. His teacher gives this assignment thinking it is impossible. He is definitely proved wrong. He decides to do something for someone that they can’t do for themselves and have that person do something for three other people. He started a movement and was filmed for the news. He lived in Las Vegas and there were news reports about it in Las Angeles. This goes with מצוה גוררת מצוה “One mitzvah leads to another” – Pirke  Avot. The boy (Trevor) does a mitzvah for someone and they do a mitzvah for someone else. Trevor let a homeless man stay in his house. This man then also payed it forward  and saved a life. This was an extremely inspirational movie, that anyone can change the world.



This week in math we learned about ratios. Here is an example.

Ruby Bridges

Recently, in class, we watched the Ruby Bridges movie. If you don’t know who she was, she was the first African American to attend a white school. She was escorted by guards for her safety. She attended the school because she was extremely intelligent and white schools had  better educations.


People were not happy that she was going to the school. They rallied outside of the school every morning, protesting that only whites should attend the school. One mother even said she would poison her and threatened Ruby. All of the parents took their children out of the school, so she was the only one there. Ruby was so intelligent, that the principal of the school wanted to lower her scores on exams because her scores were so high.


If I was treated the same way because I was Jewish, I would feel hurt because no one should be treated poorly because of their race or religion. If I wasn’t allowed into a place because of my religion, I wouldn’t argue there because I wouldn’t want to endanger myself. I can’t imagine what Ruby had gone through just to get a good education. Her father lost his job because his boss said it wouldn’t look good for the company because his daughter was attending a white school.


In science we each created a creature. I created a pllama. It is a combination of a llama and pug. It lives in the French Alps. It starts out at 45 centimeters and grows to be 2 meters. It weighs 45 kilometers. It likes to eat baguettes and croissants. The pllama lives in cool temperatures. It mates with others to have babies. There are only 100,000 living in the Alps. It gets rid of its waist by pooping malt balls.  Pllamas are multicellular and they breathe oxygen. They walk and they use their mouths to eat. Here is a picture.


Line Plots

In math we learned about line plots. Here is an example.