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A Poem for Jewish Literature

In Language Arts, we finished a book called Night of the Burning, by Linda Press Wulf.  We were supposed to create a project about the book, and I decided write a poem summarizing the book. I hope you enjoy it!


Devorah and Nechama,
Lived with Papa and Mama.
They played with dolls
That was all.

Then came a day,
That Uncle Pincas was taken away.
He came back feeling bad,
Then he died and they were all sad.

Then money was tight,
They stayed awake at night.
Papa carried his cart,
With a heavy heart.

He died of swelling.
Aunt Friedka moved in,
To be with her kin.
Aunt Friedka and Mama,
Were all that were left for Devorah and Nechama.

Then a day came,
Mama got sick.
She died of the flu.
Sad, but true.

During the Night of the Burning,
Fire burned bright.
Devorah couldn’t bear the sight.
They ran for a barn,
They saw a young child playing with yarn.

Thought they could hide,
Then a soldier came,
With a knife at his side.
Aunt Friedka was killed that very night,
In the glow of the flames that burned bright.

Devorah and Nechama were alone.
No place to call home.
A woman came,
But not to play games.
To take them somewhere,
Anywhere but there.

They were hidden from sight,
During the night.
The Night of the Burning,
Fires burned bright.

They were in the back of a cart,
Sobs and cries of broken hearts.
They were taken that day,
Far away.

Devorah wasn’t sure,
But Nechama was going to go,
So what could she do.
They would leave the place they once called home.
They would be free to roam.

They got on a train.
The noise hurt their brains.
They went to London.
It was a sight to be seen,
With colors of golden yellow and green.

They got on a boat.
It was windy,
So Devorah needed a coat.
She met two sailors,
Named Pete and Joe.
She was friends with them.
They were meant to be working even so.

They got to the orphanage.
They had been waiting ages.
They met the Matron.
She was the boss,
And she was cross.

Devorah and Nechama go to school.
It’s a long walk,
They had to talk.
To keep each other busy,
But they felt dizzy.

Nechama was adopted,
By the Steins.
Mrs. Stein said, “Nechama is mine.”
The Steins were rich and then Nechama was too.

Devorah was alone.
No Papa or Mama,
She stayed awake at night.
And she just lost Nechama,
She Cried into the night.

Devorah was adopted,
By the Kagans.
Devorah was nervous as a tick,
When she found out Mr. Kagan had been sick.

The Kagans weren’t rich,
Like the Steins.
They were still kind.
They lived in a flat.
Devorah walked in,
And wiped her feet on a mat.

Devorah made a friend,
Her name was Monica.
Devorah’s first friend.
Monica and Devorah went to school together.
Devorah and Monica fed the squirrels at the park together.

Mrs. Kagan took Devorah to get a kitten.
The kitten crawled into her mitten.
Devorah started to cry.
She didn’t want to keep the kitten.
She wanted it to go home.
They turned around and returned the kitten to its family.
The kitten then lived happily.

Fish in a Tree

Fish in a Tree, a book by Lynda Mullay Hunt, is probably one of my favorite books. It is about a girl named Ally who has trouble reading and writing. She has many encounters with the school principal, especially  at her teacher’s baby shower, got her a sympathy card because she couldn’t read. Ally is teased and called dumb. When her teacher leaves, she has a new substitute who might be able to help her. Will Ally ever learn how to read, or will she be teased forever? I would give this five star. It had a great plot and an unexpected ending.


I think that the story of Passover was a miracle. The Jewish people were slaves for 400 years and they were freed. They survived in the desert for 40 years and had plenty of food and water. Moses had led them out of Egypt and into freedom.

Math Game

This week in math we learned about reciprocals. I recently played a math game about them on  

This game didn’t teach me any think new. It wasn’t really a game, more of a study guide. I think you should only play this game if you already know the topic because it it didn’t explain anything. Overall, I think that this game is great for studying a topic, but not learning a new one.

Being a Tzadik

This week, in mitzvot we learned what a tzadik is. A tzadik is a righteous person. We learned some qualities of a tzadik. I think that some qualities of a righteous person are: friendliness, kind to animals, puts others first, treat everyone kindly and kind to the environment. I think that Martin Luther King Jr. was a tzadik.


Martin Luther King Jr. stood up for equal rights for everyone. He wasn’t afraid to stand up for what’s right. He thought everyone should be treated fairly. Though people didn’t support him, he still stood up for what he believed in. He definitely put others first and treated everyone fairly.