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Adding Fractions

This week in math, we learned adding fractions. Here is an example of adding fractions.



Helping the Community

This week we are delivering Thanksgiving meals to those in need. It is still important to help people we don’t even because everyone deserves to have enough food. Hillel said: “Do not separate yourself from the community”. This means you should help others in your community. You should be a part of your community by helping others in need. By delivering Thanksgiving meals to those in need we are being part of the community.

Math Blogpost

Recently I watched a video on Khan Academy on equivalent fractions. This video helped me because it was a great visualization. It helped me on how to do equivalent fractions. It gave a great example of how to do the subject. Here is an example. If you have 1/2 it is the same thing as 2/4. Here is a link to watch the video.

Equivalent Fractions

This week in math we learned equivalent fractions. Here is an example.

Honoring the Elderly

On Friday for our mitzvah trip, we went to deliver Shabbat in a bag to elderly people who would enjoy a visit. These people enjoyed the company of children. The bags we delivered were gift bags with everything needed for Shabbat. We went to several different houses to deliver the bags. I enjoyed delivering these bags a lot because they made someone happy.


I think it made everyone we went to feel happy and special. Everyone had smiles on their faces when they opened their doors and saw us standing there. It made me feel good knowing that I made someone feel good. I’m so glad that I made someone’s day a little bit happier. This was a great project and I had a great time.

Prime Factorization

This week in math we learned about prime factorization. Here is a example of prime factorization.