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Slacker is a book by Gordon Korman about a boy named Cameron who is obsessed with video games. One day he gets in trouble and is forced to bring his grades up and join a club. He starts a fake club called the Positive Actions Group (P.A.G.) Then his plan backfires and soon the club is very popular. He is upset because he is training for a video game contest but doesn’t have enough time. I enjoyed this book because it had an interesting twist and plot. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes realistic fiction.

Multiplying Decimals

I recently watched a video on multiplying decimals on Kahn Academy. Click here to watch  I think this was a very helpful video if you need help with this  or have trouble understanding. This video goes step by step explaining how to do the problem. It breaks it down into easier pieces to solve the problem. Kahn Academy also has videos for other math topics and has problems that you can try on your own. I enjoyed the video and it helped me understand the topic.

Whale Watching

It was a chilly day for June, but I wasn’t surprised because it was Alaska. My family and I were waiting to get on a boat to go whale watching. I was a little tired of boats because I had just gotten off a cruise. My sister and I were arguing like usual. Finally, we were allowed to get on the boat. It wasn’t that big of a boat like I thought it would be, but it was pretty big on the inside. The boat’s name was the St. Philip’s. It looked pretty weathered because it was tied to a dock. When we got on the boat I recognized two girls from my ship.

A voice came on over an intercom instructing us what do you say if we found a whale. I didn’t understand the system they used so I hoped that it wasn’t important. After the boat left the dock I got a pair of binoculars to see if I could find a whale. A few minutes later someone shouted
“Look a whale!”
Everyone turned to see but I missed it. Then, I saw one and my dad saw it too.
“Wow, that’s pretty cool!”
My dad said.
My dad and I went to the top of the boat to look for more Whales. When we got to the second floor, it was really windy and I had to hold onto my hat to keep it from flying away. Then, we saw a mother and its calf playing tag. We saw seven more Humpback whales and then the boat went back to the dock. When we got off the boat I was glad to be on solid ground. I had just experienced one of the most exciting moments in my life.

Adding Decimals

This week in math we learned about adding decimals. Here is a problem that I solved using adding.

Celebrating Sukkot

We are required to be happy on Sukkot because it was a harvest festival. When the Jews were farmers and they had plenty of crops they would celebrate and be thankful to God. Sukkot is the happiest holiday. We want to be happy after Yom Kippur. We have all done teshvah and have forgave each other.