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Order of Operations

In math we have learned about order of operations.

Doing Teshuvah

I do teshuvah by asking for forgiveness and hoping others will forgive me. During teffillah I think about teshuvah and being better in the next year. I do tzdakah by donating food and money to people in shelters.

Stories with Holes #2

In math we learned about stories with holes. Stories with holes are riddles but it doesn’t give you everything you need to solve it. Here are two.

1. This is an odd number. Take away one and it will be even. What number is it?

2. Someone is running away from home. A person in a mask is chasing him. Who are these people and where are they running?


Answers 1 seven. 2 They are playing baseball. The man hit the ball and the catcher is trying to tag him out.

Hurricane Relief

This week for our mitzvah trip we went shopping for supplies for shelters in Houston because of Hurricane Harvey. We bought hygiene products to drop of to a place that had trucks leaving that day.