Letter from Valley Forge

In Social Studies we learned about the Revolutionary War. We wrote a letter as if we were a soldier in Valley Forge in the winter.

Dearest Family,
General Washington has chosen Valley Forge as our winter encampment. ‘Tis freezing here. The conditions are brutal and we are losing soldiers by the day. We have no shoes or clothes except for the ones we wear. There are no hospitals and typhoid and pneumonia are spreading throughout the encampment. We have no food except for fire cakes which taste nothing like cake but more like paste. If we are lucky we get the occasional meat and bread. We are freezing to death and I have just witnessed my best friend’s death due to pneumonia. Soldiers are deserting the army very fast. I hope we lose no more soldiers than we already have. I am thankful that winter almost over and I see that General Washington is too.

Your dearest, William Smith


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