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מכת צפרדע

In Jewish Studies we learned the second plague frogs. Aharon started the plague like the first plague because Moshe didn’t want to  do it because the Nile saved him as a baby. I think the plague lasted for a week but the parshanim (פרשנים) thought each plague lasted for a month. The frogs (צפרדע) were everywhere. They were in the Egyptian’s houses, in their food everywhere. Rashi (ר׳שי) thought that the frogs might have been in the Egyptian’s bodies. Pharoh was really upset and told Moshe to pray to God to stop the plague.  Even though God stopped the plague Pharoh still didn’t let the Jewish people go. I wonder why the plague lasted for a month?

Piper Brown the Baking Clown

Piper was in the kitchen standing over a bowl. Do I put baking powder or baking soda she asked herself. Her dad came into the kitchen.”What are you doing?” he asked.
“I’m making breakfast “ she answered.
“It looks like you’re making a mess.” Her brother Jake came in, almost tripping on a pile of flour on the floor. Piper sighed. She knew Jake was right. Piper loved to bake she just wasn’t very good at it. She never used recipes and she always over baked her dessert so it was always burnt.
Piper started to put the pancakes in the oven. “Uh Piper.” her dad started, “I’m pretty sure you make pancakes on a griddle.” Piper stared at him with a look of confusion holding the pan in mid-air.
“What do you mean?” Piper asked.
“First of all.” her dad answered.“You don’t bake pancakes in a pan.” “Second of all you don’t put pancakes in an oven.” Piper set the pan on the counter.
“Then how come it’s called a pancake?” “she asked.
“I don’t know why.” her dad laughed. “I do know that you don’t bake it in an oven and that you don’t put it in a pan!”
Jake came in and wrinkled his nose away. “What’s that smell?” he asked. Piper slowly turned and stared with disbelief. She couldn’t believe she burnt her pancakes. Her mom came running in.
“Is there a fire or is it just Piper making breakfast?” she joked.
“Mom,” Piper grumbled, “Can you just help me clean up?”
“Of course.” “ her mom answered. “Then I’ll make us some crepes.” Her mom knew Piper loved crepes. Her dad rushed by with a bowl of water and dumped it on the griddle. With a sizzle the fire went out. Jake ran out of the kitchen and came back with a fan and turned it on high.
Sprinkles, the family’s new puppy, sat on Piper’s bed. Piper called her friend Bailey and told her about the pancake incident. Bailey started to crack up when Piper told her about putting the pancake batter in the pan and putting it in the oven. Soon, both of them were laughing. Then Jake came barging in with his friend Owen and Sprinkles ran out. Jake and Owen stole Piper’s favorite stuffed animal Teddy the bear. They taunted Piper by saying “Piper time for you to try to make lunch!” Piper sighed and told Bailey that she had to go and make lunch.

Piper was standing in the kitchen with her parents holding Teddy which she got back from Jake and Owen. Her mom told her to go put him away but Piper knew Jake and Owen would take him back. She put him away anyway. When she came downstairs she smelled a fresh pizza in the oven. Piper groaned. She wanted to at least try to make lunch even if it didn’t turn out well. “Piper, Jake sit down we have something to tell you.” Piper’s parents called. Piper sat down on the couch as Jake came running in and leaped on to the couch.
“Jake.” Piper’s mom warned.
Piper’s dad spoke up. “We have some exciting news”. Piper’s mom took over.
“First of all Jake on Monday you have been accepted to a culinary sleepaway camp for two months”.
“NO WAY!” Jake yelled. ‘I’m going to start packing.” Jake ran out of the room.
“Piper” her mom said. “You are going to a culinary training camp in downtown New York City”! You will be taught how to cook and bake as well.” Piper did the math. Her family lived only fifteen minutes away from there.
“Mom or I will drive you each day” her dad said.
“You start on Monday” her mom said. It was Tuesday.

Jake came downstairs Monday morning with three suitcases, one duffle bag and two backpacks. “I’m all ready he announced.”
“Woah tiger.” his dad said teary eyed. You don’t need all of those right”?
“Yes I do.” Jake said.
“Fine” his dad said giving up easily. Piper came downstairs with her mom.
“Alright guys time to get in the car to take Jake to his camp.” her mom said. Piper looked in the pantry for some cereal. Pouring cereal into a bag she grabbed her phone and Skyped Bailey.
“Woah Jake are you sure you need all of that stuff?” Piper’s mom asked. “See.” Piper’s said dad sniffling.
When they got to the bus stop the Coach Bus was waiting. Jake grabbed his bags gave his family a big hug. Piper’s dad lost it.
“We’ll miss you.” Piper’s dad said now sobbing.
“Gotta go dad.” Jake wiped his face and hopped on the bus.
Back home Piper’s mom took her to her camp.
“We’ll see you at 3:00.” Piper got out of the car and walked toward the sign in booth.
“Hi I’m Katie.” The person at the booth said.
“I’m Piper Brown.” Piper said.
“Alright.” Katie said. “Your twelve right?” She asked.
“Yep.” Piper responded.
“I’m your main counselor with Paisley.” Katie said pointing to a tall girl with French braids.
“Hi, I’m Paisley!” The girl said cheerfully. “Welcome to culinary camp.” “You can hang out over there until everyone’s here.” She pointed to a group of kids that looked about her age. She walked over to the group. A girl walked up to her.
“Hi I’m Rosie.” She said.
“I’m Piper.” Piper introduced herself. “Are you in age twelve group?” Piper asked.
“Yeah.” Rosie said. “Let’s go, they’re starting.”
“Group twelve over here!” Paisley shouted. Piper and Rosie ran over to the group of kids by Paisley and Katie.
Paisley started speaking.
“Welcome to culinary training camp. This basically means for those of you who don’t know how to cook or bake will be a pro by the end of camp”
Age twelve group was standing in kitchen A. They were starting their day with baking. The head pastry chef was teaching them how to bake chocolate chip cookies. “…And that is how you make chocolate chip cookies from scratch.” Everyone groaned in delight but Piper was used to it. “Alright everybody you will have two and a half hours to bake your cookies.” He continued. “Your counselors and I will be here to help. Here are your recipes.” Paisley spoke up.
“You get recipes now but you won’t at the end of camp.” She grinned. “You may start.”
Piper rushed to her station. She found herself next to Rosie and a boy named Jackson. Piper read the recipe and got the ingredients she mixed them and thought to herself this isn’t that hard when I follow a recipe and it’s kind of fun. She heard Katie telling Jackson how to preheat an oven. Speaking of ovens… She turned to her oven and saw that it finished preheating. “Phew.” Piper said to herself.
“You okay?” Rosie asked struggling with her stand mixer.
“Rosie.” Paisley called out. “You turned the switch on backwards.”
“Oh.” Rosie said. She fixed the switch and the mixer started whirling. Piper was almost leaping with joy. She knew how to bake now and it wasn’t so hard! Piper was wondering about cooking when Paisley walked up behind her.
“Good job Piper.” Paisley exclaimed. “Can I try one.”
“Sure.” Piper nodded and the the bell rang for lunch.

At lunch it was set up like a buffet. Piper found Rosie and dragged her to the sushi area. “Uh Piper?” Rosie started “I like sushi so…”
“Oh sorry.” Piper blushed.
“It’s fine. Let’s get some food and find a table.”
“Oh sure.” Piper grabbed a sushi platter and went with Rosie and found a table. When they finished they found their group and went to cooking. When they got there Paisley had an announcement.
“Our head chef is sick so you have Katie and I for now.” Now Katie took over.
“You are going to make mac and cheese. Here are your recipes.” Paisley told them that they could start. Piper rushed to her station and found herself on the end next to Rosie.

Piper checked her recipe, found her ingredients and got to work. She heard Paisley helping Rosie turn on the stovetop. Speaking of stovetops. She thought to herself. Piper checked her pot. The water was starting to bubble.
“Yes!” Rosie exclaimed. “I finally turned the burner on!”
“I.” Paisley joked.
“Fine.” Rosie said. “We.”
“That stove is normally really hard to turn on so it’s not your fault.” Paisley said.
“I noticed.” Rosie said sarcastically. Piper was scooping her mac and cheese into little bowls. Katie came by.
“Looks good.” She said. “Can I try some?”
“Of course.” Piper said. Then the bell rang to go home.

“Everyone to carpool!” Paisley called out. Piper grabbed Rosie and dragged her to the front entrance where carpool was. Paisley was doing carpool. “Piper Brown!” Paisley called.
“Bye.” Rosie said. Piper waved and got in her car.
“How was camp?” Piper’s mom asked. Piper didn’t hear her she was fast asleep in the front seat. When they got back home Piper’s mom carried her to her room and tucked her in bed. Piper woke up a two hours later and went downstairs. When she came to the kitchen her mom was making chicken fried rice and her dad was on his phone.
“I didn’t get to ask how your day went.” Piper’s mom said.
“It was really fun!” Piper said excitedly. She ate dinner and rushed upstairs to her room and flopped on her bed and called Bailey.
“Hi Bailey!” Piper exclaimed. “Camp was awesome and can’t wait until the competition!”
“Glad you had a better day then I did.” Bailey grummbled.
“What happened?” Piper asked.
“Well.” Bailey started. “I got poison ivy, the camp flooded and now the lake is infested with water snakes.”
“Wow.” Piper said.
“I got to go now.” Bailey said. They exchanged goodbyes and hung up. Piper looked at the clock and saw it was time for her to go to bed. She went downstairs and said good night to her parents and went to bed. Before Piper fell asleep she thought to herself I can finally cook!

Parshat Shmot

My parsha was Shmot. It is about the life of Moshe that was my Hebrew summary. My English summary was about when the Israelites were slaves in Egypt. My activity was a trivia about my parasha.

Earth and Space

מכת דם

   In Jewish Studies we are learning about the ten plagues. We just finished learning about the first plague blood. I thought the plague lasted for three days but in class we learned it lasted for a week. Ahoron started the plague by touching the staff in the Nile river. Moshe didn’t want to start the plague because the Nile saved his life and he didn’t want to watch it turn to blood. This plague affected all of the crops, animals and the Egyptian  people.  When the Nile turned to blood all of the fish died and the river smelled terrible. This plague made Pharoh angry and hardened his heart. I wonder if it rained during the plague, and if it did, when the rain hit the ground did it turn to blood?